The Trendera Files

Join dozens of other Fortune 500 companies and receive access to the industry’s premier trend report with ongoing cultural insights and data on consumers 8 to 50. Interested in a specific subject or demographic? Ask us about our customized and themed reports. 

EACH REPORT INCLUDES: Macro and Micro Trends • Standout Marketing Campaigns • Hot Lists: Who, what, and where is trending • Slang • Nationally representative statistics


SPring 2017 | ALL ABOUT GEN Z


  • Gen Z Deep Dive: their core characteristics, interests, values, goals, media consumption, marketing preferences, influencers, and more

  • Next-Gen Communication Decoder: Noteworthy shifts, unwritten rules, and the most relevant memes and slang terms

  • The latest consumer trends among Gen Zs and beyond

  • New multigenerational statistics with in-depth Gen Z breakouts


SPring 2017 | The POST VIRAL AGE


  • Key shifts in marketing & media: what "viral" really means, the rise of protest culture, West Coast influence, and more

  • Social media marketing 101: your new cheat sheet plus who to follow

  • Standout campaigns & noteworthy trends from around the world

  • New consumer statistics: what they want from your brand


WINTER 2017|The Future of


  • The most important macro shifts of 2017: entertainment, influence, gender, fashion, work, and more

  • New research on how consumers from the coasts to the heartland are feeling post election

  • The latest people, places, and things on the rise—you heard it here first!

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FALL 2016|The SOcial +DIGItal issue