That's What Clinton and Trump Said...



Inspired by the 1990 British edition of Vogue, George Michael once recruited OG supermodels Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell to strut their stuff in his original music video of “Freedom! 90.” The former Wham! band member famously refused to appear in the video and instead decided to feature the supermodels each lip synching a different verse. Flash-forward twenty-six years and the classic video is getting a fresh face: Vogue’s new version features the next generation of supermodels and 11 catwalk queens, including Joan Smalls, Taylor Hill and Anna Ewers, all wearing the hottest looks of Spring 2017. In addition to showcasing next season’s trends, the buzzed-about spot is an entertaining glimpse into the evolution of fashion’s infiltration of pop culture.



Move over Stan Smith and Yeezy, there’s a new cool kid in town. Adidas is taking full-advantage of their It-brand status with yet another shoe we can’t wait to get our hands on. Announced last year, Adidas’s mostly robot-powered German factory is finally revealing a sneak peek of its new capabilities with the newly announced Futurecraft M.F.G. (Made For Germany) shoe, where practically the entire assembly is done by robots. While only 500 pairs will be released from this collection, Adidas promises that this is just the beginning for its robot-assembled products. We can’t wait to see what they unveil next!


Columbia's Director of Toughness

In an effort to find beta testers as well as brand ambassadors, Columbia created two new roles within their team last year aptly named Directors of Toughness. The two lucky candidates will receive full-time salaries and benefits as they travel the world on a non-stop adventure for six months. Throughout their journeys, the duo will also test Columbia apparel and post their adventures under the hashtag #TestedTough. How does one sign up, you might ask? Columbia is conducting the first round of in-person interviews in four remote locations, with the first hurdle simply being able to get to them. We applaud anyone who is hardcore enough to apply!


Good Hair for All

Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, the wildly successful blow dry chain with over than 60 stores nationwide, can now add author to her resume. On October 18th, Webb will finally release all of her blow-dry knowledge in the form of a book. Good Hair for All: How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home features tips and tricks, style inspiration pictures, and step-by-step tutorials that are easy to follow and sure to keep us as pretty and polished as Kate Middleton. Needless to say, Webb has blown us away once again.


Personality Match

In our swipe left and right world, it seems as though true compatibility is proven only by computer algorithms. While most relationship apps help you meet someone new, PersonalityMatch allows you to see how compatible you are with those already in your life based on research by famed psychologist Carl Jung. Users start by taking a short personality quiz with would you rather questions, which feature hypothetical scenarios and inquiries about how a person invests in relationships, to assign a compatibility score with various people. But what happens when you and your partner, friend, or family member are proven to be incompatible? Thankfully, the app also offers advice to improve your closest relationships, so moving forward is just one algorithmic calculation away.


Clinton and Trump said...

In an election marred by personal scandals, and pettiness, it’s difficult just to decipher where the candidates stand on the issues that matter to voters. In order to cut through some of the clutter, marketer Nicolas Le Roux has taken it upon himself to create a tool that does just that. “Clinton and Trump said…” is a search engine that searches YouTube captions for keywords to see what each candidate has said publicly (and not so publicly to a one Billy Bush) about any given topic. Each search result links back the full video of the candidate speaking on the topic in question. The site is a great way to allow voters to do their research before Election Day and hear exactly where the candidates stand straight from the source.

Kristin Castillo