Consider Yourself Hooked 🎣



When it comes to voting, it’s no secret that young people are known for abysmal attendance at the polls. Thankfully YouTube is showing us just how easy it is to register with their recent Register to Vote in 1:34 campaign part of their larger #VoteIRL campaign. Showcasing the fact that registering takes a mere one minute and thirty-four seconds using Google’s voter registration tools, the platform tapped YouTubers and various celebs to video themselves doing various things in the same amount of time, and then compiled a playlist of all the submissions. One video features talk show host Conan O’Brien making popcorn, while another stars the Chainsmokers as they make tacos. YouTube knows better than anybody that it’s hard to get people to commit to watching a video longer than 2 minutes, and thankfully that’s all it takes to encourage people to click through.


Consider Yourself Hooked

We know that TV shows can take time to really get going, and thanks to Netflix, we now have data on exactly how many episodes we need to watch before a show becomes our next binge. Notoriously known for keeping mum when it comes to their viewer data, the streaming company just released a list for 14 of its most popular series, detailing the make or break episode that, once watched, makes viewers extremely likely (70%) to come back for the rest of the season. For instance, it only takes viewers of mystery-horror Stranger Things two episodes most of them watch all the way through (how could you not want to know where Will is?), while character-centric dramas like Gilmore Girls take a little longer, officially hooking most viewers in episode 7 with Rory’s first kiss. The internet is going crazy for the infographic, while Netflix is proving once again that its algorithms know us better than any human ever could.


Coffee in a Cone

The latest Insta-food trend blowing up our feeds is coffee in a cone, a social media-driven creation designed by the brilliant mind of barista Dayne Levinrad, a world-class coffee consultant. Coffee in a cone combines pretty much all of our favorite things: coffee, chocolate, and ice cream, all served in a waffle cone. While the original is sold exclusively at The Grind Coffee Company in South Africa, a few knockoff iterations of the trend have made their way stateside and capitalized on the craze. Luckily for us, LA hipster favorite Alfred has their own coffee cone, so we’re going to apologize in advance for any artsy latté pics that happen to show up on our Instagram.


NINOBrand x Hotel Palomar

Just in time for fall, Philadelphia’s Hotel Palomar is collaborating with local designer Bela Shehu to debut a five-piece androgynous collection by NINOBrand. Not only are the stylish wares available to order straight from the concierge, they’re part of the city’s Shop Like a Local Campaign curated by local trendsetter Ian Michael Crumm, which encourages visitors to support resident designers. The on-demand outfits aren’t exactly cheap ($800 for a coat), but with 5% of the profits going to Career Wardrobe, a Philadelphia-based non-profit that helps to outfit women looking to re-enter the workforce, we think they’re worth the splurge.



The simple bedtime story—and really storytelling in general—is getting a huge upgrade thanks to Within. The iOS and Android virtual reality app, a collaboration between award-winning filmmaker Chris Milk and tech expert Aaron Koblin, allows users to immerse themselves in a world in which they have full interaction with story lines, characters and virtual travel. With content ranging from fantasy to documentaries, users can find their way out of maze-like situations and drop into virtual behind the scenes content for television shows like Mr. Robot. Plus, the app can be used with all major headsets, including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, and Google Cardboard. Let your imagination be the director and enjoy the show!


Google's Project Shield

Google Jigsaw has finally launched its highly anticipated Project Shield, and not a moment too soon. Over sixty-thousand news publications are publishing content daily, and a significant portion of this media solicits activity from vicious online trolls, who leave defaming and hurtful comments that are often directed at the online authors rather than relating to the article. Project Shield targets hateful trolls who attempt to shut down sites via Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, (DDosA), utilizing premium software embedded with learning capability to automatically detect abuse and harassment. The goal of Project Shield is to end censorship within a decade, making the Internet safer one post at a time.

Kristin Castillo