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Abby Bourdeau at Ted x Hollywood

Abby Boudreau’s Tedx talk poignantly titled, “Hate the Media? So do I. And I’m a Reporter.” could not have come at better time. Between fake news stories on Facebook and President Elect Donald Trump’s publicity war with the New York Times, people are questioning where they get their news, how reliable it is, and how it can be manipulated by public figures. An Emmy award winning journalist, Boudreau encourages this honest questioning by outlining her career and areas where she—and the media corporations she worked for—fell short of achieving her primary goal as a journalist: to provide people with information that will better their lives. Check out the full talk for a refreshingly critical look at the media machine as a whole from one of its insiders.


Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle

Proving that they understand Millennials’ need to document literally everything, Coca-Cola Israel developed a small number of Selfie Bottles for the brand’s Summer Love event in July, and somehow, news of these limited edition bottles is just now making the rounds. The base of each bottle is equipped with a camera and programmed to snap a picture when the bottle is held at 70 degrees, i.e. the exact angle users would hold it to drink the bottle’s contents. Once the user has taken a picture of themselves sipping the soda, they can upload it to Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. Not only is this a fun way to add a little bit of tech to a festival, it’s sure to inspire other automated selfie devices which have proven to be the key to social media obsessed Millennials’ hearts.


Hooded Kermit

Who knew Kermit the Frog had such a dark side? This week the internet has been blowing up with memes of the angelic Sesame Street character battling his inner demons. Currently the meme even has its own Twitter account, with over 40 thousand followers! Pictured is Kermit facing a version of himself wearing a black hood over his face, telling “good” Kermit to go against his instincts and act rebelliously, selfishly, or mischievously in a “me to me” dialogue. In the example above, Kermit is saying to himself, “sees a fluffy dog” and the hooded Kermit replies, “steal him.” Equal parts hilarious and weird, the meme continues to proliferate because Hooded Kermit says what we’re all thinking, and while we want to be inherently good, we often have inner debates between the devil and the angel sitting on our shoulders.


Vestments Weed Jewelry

Vetements is taking high-fashion to an entirely new level with the reveal of its fancy new weed wearable. Available in silver and gold at a cool price of $750, the engraved pendant necklace serves a dual purpose for convenient grinding on-the-go. With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana use in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine, it comes as no surprise that Vetements would choose to include the necklace as the latest piece from its Fall 2016 collection. Marijuana leaf-printed clothes, phone cases, and even fashionable vape pens have stolen the show on recent cat walks, so we’re not surprised jewelry has also caught on to this smokin’ hot trend. As marijuana becomes increasingly less taboo, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other brands incorporating stoner-friendly products into their lines.


Amazon Rapids

Storytelling is getting a digital update with the launch of new app Amazon Rapids. Targeted for young children, Amazon Rapids has created hundreds of original stories told on either a tablet or smartphone in the form of text messages between the stories’ characters. Young readers can adjust their reading pace, click on “text messages” to define words, and become accustomed to a text message-style dialogue. Amazon Rapids requires a monthly subscription with added benefits of additional stories each month, so that users always have a new story to read. Although kids might not be reading books as often as they used to, we hope that with the introduction of Amazon Rapids, reading will become more accessible and interesting to those who are constantly attached to their smartphones.



Tinder is making headlines this week for its decision to make the dating platform more inclusive of fluid gender identities. Not only does the app own up to its prior shortcomings in this area, it ambitiously tackles them. In the past, transgender Tinder users were forced to have awkward conversations about their gender and sexual identity with every match and potentially face being reported and blocked from the dating app for “misrepresenting” themselves. Now, Tinder’s new feature allows users to specify their gender to whatever is most fitting, with 37 different options to make everyone’s experience using the app a more positive one.

Kristin Castillo