No Politics, Just Trends



Millie Bobby Brown, everyone’s favorite telekinetic teen, is taking a cue from her uber famous bff, Maddie Ziegler, and trying her hand at music videos. The Stranger Things star showcases a powerful performance in the recently-released video for angst-ridden song “Find Me” by DJ/producer duo Sigma, with vocals by Grammy-nominated artist, Birdy. The video follows Brown in a variety of trendy outfits as she travels throughout a city lip-syncing and emoting to the lyrics. A natural at conveying intense emotion through facial expressions alone, Brown is the perfect fit to be the face of this emotional tune that has us transfixed all the way through.


The Tale of Thomas Burberry

Now that we’re well into November, the holiday marketing push is officially upon us. Burberry has already set itself apart from the usual holiday fare with a commercial so beautiful that it feels more like a trailer for a movie we really want to see. In The Tale of Thomas Burberry, Burberry tells the story of its origin with captivating cinematic flair. With a star-studded cast including Domhnall Gleeson of Harry Potter, fashion icon and actress Sienna Miller, Dominic West of The Affair, and Lily James of Downton Abbey, the dramatic three-minute clip is a perfect example of the type of engaging content brands need to create if they want consumers to actually pay attention. Studios, take note!


Universal Pay Machine

Shorter days and a cool camp concept has us dreaming of summer already! BEAM summer camp in New Hampshire focuses on teaching its campers creativity and collaboration, with projects ranging from welding, computing, ceramics, textiles, programming, design and more. This past summer, the campers, ages 10-17, built installations in the form of giant flip books designed by Mobile Studio Architects and installed them in the forest surrounding the camp. The results were an interesting juxtaposition of nature and analog machinery that definitely gave them something to write home about and showcase innovative new ways to teach Gen Vs the tech skills that are becoming essential in the increasingly digital world.


Snowflake Whipping Cleanser

Beauty gurus, trend hunters, and skincare aficionados are constantly looking to South Korea for the latest and greatest in beauty innovation. Truth be told, we’re still obsessing over Korean brand Nooni’s fun-to-use Snowflake Whipping Cleanser, a cult favorite that arrived stateside this summer and has continued to rise in popularity ever since. Users mix a pea size amount of the product with water in Nooni’s accompanying “Marshmallow Whip Maker” and pump until the cleanser develops a foamy, pillowy texture that looks good enough to eat. Beauty bloggers are going crazy for the cloud-soft substance, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this whimsical product went mainstream just in time to become a stocking stuffer hit.


Atlas Recall

The more people live their lives online, the harder it can be to keep track of what they’ve seen and where they saw it. Atlas Recall wants to make things a little bit easier by storing everything users do on their computers and streamlining the information, making it easier for users to search through everything they’ve clicked on to find that one thing they’re looking for. The Seattle-based start-up’s CEO, Napster founder Jordan Ritter, likens the desktop app to “a photographic memory for your digital life.” Atlas also wants to create a seamless user experience across all platforms, so when users search a certain term, they can see all of their relevant activity for their entire computer rather than one application or program at a time. While probably not for the more privacy conscious, the app points to a near future where there will be a greater need for technology to help us curate and make sense of all of the data in our lives.


Ikea x Red Cross for Syria

To shed some awareness on current living conditions in Syria, home furnishings powerhouse Ikea partnered with the Red Cross to shake things up in its normally picture perfect showroom. At one of the company’s flagship stores in Slependen, Norway, the Swedish retailer built a replica based on an actual Syrian home. Measuring just 25 square meters, the space featured cinder block walls and sparse furniture. Keeping in the theme with the rest of the store, each item featured Ikea’s signature tags, but rather than detailing pricing, dimensions, and the like, these tags discussed the trials and tribulations Syrian families face, such as access to basic necessities like food and water. Seen by an estimated 80 thousand visitors during its two week run, the activation raised about €22 million for the Red Cross’ efforts in Syria.

Kristin Castillo