We're Hundo P Downloading House Party



Saddened by the news that HBO’s Westworld may not make its return until 2018? Let teenage philosopher Jaden Smith’s dreamy new sci-fi-inspired music video fill the void. The 18-year-old celeb spawn took a break from tweeting his deep thoughts to bring us the video for his new song, “Fallen,” which follows the uber-cool Smith around what is supposed to be 1867 Calabasas, but looks like the set of a Western film. Fans of Smith’s Twitter will also love the lyrics, which are full of his signature brand of whimsically offbeat philosophy.


Cards Against Humanity Black Hole

While some wait in anticipation each year for the John Lewis Christmas commercial, we personally can’t wait to see what nihilistic stunt card game company Cards Against Humanity is going to pull. They certainly didn’t disappoint for this year’s Black Friday, crowdfunding $100k to dig a hole in rural Illinois for absolutely no reason. Viewers could follow along at HolidayHole.com and donate to make the hole bigger and deeper, with some donating over a thousand dollars. A commentary on the money “thrown away” during the holidays, viewers could also watch a real time graph of “Money Thrown in Hole” rise as more people donated. This perfectly on-brand stunt is a perfect end cap to 2016.


The Trendera Files

The complete rundown on social, digital, and so much more can be found in our latest and greatest trend report. Click to download a sample of The Trendera Files: The Social + Digital Issue to learn about what’s hot with Gen V, the rise of Millennial (Work) Martyrs, and what’s new and noteworthy in travel trends. Plus, we decode the meanings behind phrases like “Bone Apple Tea,” “Mooning,” and “Hundo P.” But that’s only the beginning. Want more? Drop us a line about purchasing a subscription to The Trendera Files for complete access to everything you need to know about Generations X, Y, and Z!


Amazon Go

Amazon has shown us a glimpse into the future of retail with Amazon Go, a new brick and mortar grocery concept that couldn’t be more seamless. In short, shoppers download the Amazon Go app, pick their products, and run. Using AI and sensor technology, the store can detect which products customers pick, so when shopping is done, they’re able to walk right out the door (no lines, no checkout) and the app will issue an automatic charge to their Amazon accounts in a buy now, pay later model. The grand opening is set for 2017 in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, and we can’t wait to see it in action.



The team behind Meerkat (RIP) has risen from the dead to introduce the new hit group video chat app, Houseparty. Developed under a secret pseudonym for the first ten months, Houseparty is quickly becoming one of the go-to apps for teens and Millennials who feel the need to constantly be connected with friends. “Partygoers” select from different video chat rooms (“parties”) to join, and when friends are logged in at the same time, they’re immediately placed in a party together. With a feel similar to Snapchat, the iOS and Android app also has fun Easter Egg features, such as a “Stranger Danger” alert when a mutual friend you don’t know joins. We definitely have our eye on this one and hope it survives the cutthroat social scene.



Contrary to popular belief (and recent ideas given to us by Black Mirror), robots may be here to help humanity. Earlier this week, global media agency MEC released a Facebook chat bot to help us confront our inner thoughts and discover our unconscious biases—one of the many trending topics of 2016. Each day, the chat bot sends users an uplifting message and gives them a better understanding of the decisions they make in various situations as well as why they make them. We applaud MEC for helping us confront, and own up to, what we’re all really thinking.

Kristin Castillo