Tinder Swipes Right on Politics


Never Pay For Food Again

Though the concept of dumpster diving is not new, comedian and filmmaker Jeff Seal is convincing us that the practice should be more mainstream than it is. In this video for Gothamist, he can be seen digging through the numerous trash bags filled with uneaten, unopened food left on New York City’s streets each night by bakery chains, supermarkets, and convenience stores. In contrast to what the uninitiated might imagine, he repeatedly finds perfectly good—sometimes even gourmet—food, collecting more than one person could ever eat. As Seal says himself, “You know you're living in abundance when you can throw away food that someone else threw away."



Netflix Friendly Pre-Roll

Bringing a new audience to a show that ended 12 years ago isn’t easy. Ogilvy Paris is doing just that for Netflix with its “Friendly Pre-Roll” initiative that hacks the pre-roll ad system by showing users Friends clips relevant to their search inquiry. If they’re looking for cat videos, for example, they’ll see a clip of the show’s infamous Smelly Cat” song, and searching for makeup tutorials will pull up Joey’s Japanese lipstick commercial. With 10 seasons-worth of episodes, there’s plenty of content to work with, and by giving consumers clips related to what they were looking for, the videos feel less like an ad and more like a friend—no pun intended—suggesting a funny video.



Tribeca Film Festival ReActor

On Tuesday, the Tribeca Film Festival debuted the ReActor, a karaoke-like machine that is challenging New Yorkers to reenact some of the most famous scenes in film history.  This video shows how it works: as the scene plays, words appear at the bottom of the ReActor screen to help brave passersby act along. But it’s not just about saying the right words: the ReActor also analyzes vocal performance, facial performance, and Kinetic motion to judge each attempt. Those who score high enough are rewarded with free tickets to the festival, so watch out for the ReActor as it makes its way all over New York City!



Go Cubes

Thanks to Go Cubes, caffeine addicts can now swap their morning cup of joe for two little chewy gummies. The latest product from Nootropics (cognitive enhancement supplements) company Nootrobox is being marketed as a way to optimize your brain and performance, as well as a practical solution offering spill-proof and pocket-sized coffee. To give chewers a boost, each cube packs 50 mg of caffeine along with B-complex vitamins and L-theanine, a compound found in green tea, for additional focus and clarity. Early reviews report a quick lift and lightly bitter taste, but for those who want try it for themselves, Go Cubes come in packs of four and are available in Mocha, Pure Drip, and Latte flavors.


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.28.40 AM.png


If the rainbow-puking and face-swapping crazes that have taken over Snapchat are any indication, one can’t underestimate just how seductive and addictive selfie filters can be. To keep up, Facebook recently acquired Masquerade, a company focused on similar imaging technology for video. The company’s app MSQRD has attracted attention by giving users the ability to record video selfie animations or transform how they look and send the resulting videos and photos to friends through messenger and social networking apps. Offering a diverse selection, you can masquerade as anything from Jimmy Kimmel to a monkey to Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars. So what we mean is: expect to see some exciting changes to Facebook Messenger soon!



Swipe the Vote

Rock the Vote wants get young people to the polls by “matching” Tinder users with their perfect presidential candidate in their new Swipe the Vote campaign. Usually reserved for swiping through potential dating pools, Tinder is taking a break from its regularly scheduled programing to poll users’ stances on 10 hot-button issues such as legalizing marijuana, same-sex marriage, online privacy, and more. Each question is posed along with bite-sized information for easy research, and users simply swipe yes or no. Once they’re finished, they are matched with the candidate who aligns best with their opinions and provided a link to register to vote. 

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