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H&M World Recycle Week

In honor of its World Recycle Week, H&M has teamed up with music artist M.I.A. to create “Rewear It,” an anthem and viral music video advocating for sustainable clothing practices. The campaign’s goal is to collect two million pounds of used clothing to recycle, offering a discount to customers who contribute to the cause. While the idea behind the campaign is admirable and timely, critics have been quick to call it a misleading solution, especially given that the fast fashion chain itself produces a large volume of clothing annually. Watch the video, join the conversation, and decide for yourself.



JW Anderson Stamps

While most of the fashion industry is focused on attracting attention with high production values, J.W.Anderson is instead calling on us to look closer at the details. In an effort to bring to life his Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign, which released in January as a postage stamp-sized and shaped image on a blank page, the designer has released identical real-life stamps for purchase. Currently for sale in packs of 10 at J.W.Anderson Workshops (the brand’s physical space in London) as well as on the website, the stamps can actually be used and have UK 1st Class value. Ladies and gentlemen, stamp collecting just got cool again.

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Icon Speak

In today’s global world, a universal language is becoming increasingly necessary. Iconspeak is trying to break down language barriers by utilizing images—icons to be more specific—printed on clothing. Their range of World tees and tanks is made specifically for travelers, featuring 40 icons of people, places, and objects to make it easier for wearers to communicate when they don’t speak the local language. With just a little patience, and some strategic pointing, wearers can ask whether or not water is safe to drink, where the nearest bathroom is, and what time it is without needing to say a word. Coming in at just $33, this shirt is definitely going to be in our suitcases the next time we head abroad.



C.W. Pencil Enterprise

This week, we’re crooning over the wares at C.W. Pencil Enterprise, an NYC store run by 25-year-old Caroline Weaver dedicated to pencils, and only pencils. Carrying over 200 types of new, vintage, and rare models—as well as erasers, sharpeners, and other writing accessories—the shop has attracted attention from both young and old with its unwavering dedication to the tactile experience of traditional wood-cased pencils: no mechanical pencils allowed. Fans can even join the Pencil of the Month Club, which guarantees you one special pencil a month for a year for $80. We’re crossing our fingers for the Blackwing 24, a favorite of both John Steinbeck and Walt Disney.


ios 9.3 night shift mode iphone.jpg

Night Shift

The recent iOS 9.3 release is an example of how our digital devices are becoming more sensitive to our physical needs. The new “Night Shift” feature, found on the Command Center, uses your clock and geolocation to determine sunset time wherever you are, automatically changing the screen’s backlight from blue-toned to a comfortable warm tone after the sun goes down, and back again in the morning. In the same vein as f.lux, which changes your computer display’s color temperature, Night Shift aims to help reduce eye strain during nighttime browsing as well as minimize the disruption of users’ sleep patterns.


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LinkedIn Students

LinkedIn has traditionally been a platform for established professionals, but more recently, they’re trying to help students gain their footing in the professional sphere too. Their new app, LinkedIn Students, aims to help soon-to-be grads find their first jobs by using an algorithm to create a list of jobs they may qualified for based on their profile. Users then swipe through the compiled positions à la Tinder: left for no, right for yes. Additionally, the app will assist students in their searches by offering insights into the caliber of jobs that are out in the market and what they are qualified to do. There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is catering to a pressing need, and we’re applauding the platform for creating a product specifically for budding professionals.

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