Food For Your Soul





Quarter Life Poetry

Samantha Jayne has captured the nuances of the uniquely Millennial “struggle” in this series of book trailers. “Going Out,” tackles the internal battle between FOMO and the pull of Netflix, and “Mom Talk,” exemplifies the conundrum Millennials are all too familiar with–needing your mom’s help for everything, but still wanting her to treat you as an adult. The trailers are all for her newly released book, Quarter Life Poetry; Poems for the Young, Broke & Hangry, based on her popular Instagram account of the same name that features limericks with staunchly honest and often darkly realistic undertones but accompanied by cute illustrations, offering an interesting mash up. 



Mattress company Casper has teamed up with K-Hole (the art collective behind “normcore”) to stand up to being in a society of tired zombies. The two have started a new movement called “slowave” as an effort to rebrand sleep as "an essential experience rather than a dead loss,” a joyful activity rather than a necessary evil for productivity. The campaign’s website explores the relationship between sleep, wellness, and productivity, with interesting insights like the effect that class and race have on hours of sleep. We already using #slowave in the office—and love the fact that Casper is using trends to strategically position itself as a brand that’s ahead of the curve.

Watch the Stove by Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper is making itself culturally relevant in an unconventional way. In a brilliantly executed April Fool’s campaign, the brand unexpectedly dropped an entire rap mixtape that listeners are finding surprisingly good. Featuring HH’s iconic glove dipped in gold on its album cover and titled Watch The Stove (no doubt an homage to Jay-Z & Kanye’s 2011 album Watch the Throne)—it features tracks like “Feed the Streets,” “Food for Your Soul,” and “In Love With the Glove.” The stunt is definitely working and pleasing the difficult-to-impress Internet, who we predict will start producing some remixes and music videos of their own shortly. 



Away is an effort by two former Warby Parker execs to take on the world of direct-to-consumer travel accessories while helping alleviate travel anxiety. The new brand currently offers a stylish, durable, and ultralight carry-on made of Germany polycarbonate with thoughtful features like a removable laundry bag, built-in battery for USB charging, and a patent-pending compression system that lets you pack in more. The no-middlemen model means a luxury product at an approachable price, and Away is even offering a 100-day trial with lifetime warranty. For the month of April, shoppers can also choose to get their piece hand-monogrammed by any of three New York-based artists.





To commemorate the 20th annual Webby Awards, the Webby community launched “The Internet Can’t be Stopped,” a collaborative project whose goal is to give their global audience 20 different takes on the phrase “the internet can’t be stopped” from different web-based organizations. One of our favorites so far is TypeVoice, a website that allows users to create a custom typeface through the volume, pitch and other parameters of their voice. The resulting font can then bedownloaded as gifs and vectors. The activation marks the start of voting for the Webbys People's Voice Awards and couldn’t be more on-theme. Note: we recommend trying TypeVoice with headphones with a built-in microphone for the best results. 


Louboutin Nudes

Luxury footwear brand Christian Louboutin is the latest company to respond to the diversity and range of skin tones amongst its consumers. The French company known for its red-soled shoes has expanded its Nudes Collection from five shades to seven to give even more women the ability to wear nude shoes that actually match their skin tone to create the look of long, seamless legs. The two new hues, porcelain and chocolate, are special for Spring 2016, and have been incorporated in various classic heels and flats styles!

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