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Day Off

There’s no disputing it, VR is here to stay in a big way and the technology is gradually integrating itself into every aspect of our lives. Artist Jillian Mayer explores this intersection between real and virtual in her video exhibit, Day Off, currently housed at theDavid Castillo gallery in Miami. In a series of videos, Mayer depicts various subjects so immersed in their virtual words that they are oblivious to their real world environments. For example, one woman is shown naked save for her bulky headset and accompanying cables laying in the snow between a trashcan and a telephone pole, demonstrating how technology can make people out of touch with what’s happening around them. The introspective exhibit is on display through the end of the month.



Netflix and face swap? Netflix France is cashing in on the Snapchat face swap craze with posters specially designed to allow pedestrians to exchange looks with their favorite Netflix characters, from House of Cards’ Frank Underwood to Orange is the New Black’s Piper Chapman. Not only do the posters account for the mirror imaging that happens with Snapchat selfies, displaying the campaign’s hashtag,#NetflixSwap, backwards, they also display a Snapcode to make friending the platform on Snapchat simple for passerbys. Now that binge watching has officially intersected with face-swapping, it’s a wonder how anyone in France is getting anything done

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Snapchat Love Story

Two students at the University of Madison Wisconsin found love (or at least a date) in a not so hopeless place—their school’s campus story. Like a mashup of Craigslist’s Missed Connections and Snapchat, one female student, who fell “seriously in love” with a guy in a Vikings jersey seen on the campus story, posted that he should come find her at the school’s Memorial Library. Not missing a beat, Snapchat ran with the story, continuing to post the couple’s video messages in their quest to find one another as well as the other students’ reactions who began creating their own joking snaps for people to come find them for dates. The saga even received a custom geotag. Check out the video to see if this snap story has a happy ending.


The Career Code

Founders of fashion empire WhoWhatWear Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, who figuratively wrote the book on digital fashion, have now literally written a book. Titled The Career Code: Must-Know Rules for a Strategic, Stylish, and Self-Made Career, their must-have read is full of advice, tips, and life hacks for fashion-savvy career-minded women of all ages. Whether the ink on your diploma has yet to dry or your calves are sore from climbing the corporate ladder, The Career Code has something to offer. Currently available for preorder, the book won’t hit shelves until May 17th.


Pay Your Selfie

Don't lie, we know you’re already taking selfies. Why not get paid for it?! Thanks to market research app PayYourSelfie, users can do just that. The app administers tasks, such as taking selfies while eating ice cream or brushing your teeth, and each has a monetary amount between 20 cents and $1. As you may have guessed, these selfies are extremely valuable to marketers, who use them to get a sense of how consumers are using their products in a more natural environment rather than a focus group setting. That said, it’s also a win-win with selfie lovers, who can finally get paid for their favorite pastime.



Created by Naomi Hirabayashi, Shine is a text messaging service that sends daily affirmations in hopes of improving users’ mental health. Each day, the app sends curated content such as positive notes and tactical actions—what they call motiv-affirmations. Hirabayashi likens Shine to a “best friend in your pocket,” there to encourage users on their way and helping them to be more productive and goal-oriented in the process. Who couldn’t use a daily “you can do it!” reminder?

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