Whole Glory, Golf Wang, and The Other


Drink Sustainably

In an unexpected marketing move, Reformation—the Los Angeles fashion brand known for its ethical methods and materials—is taking on the topic of sustainable wine to promote its environmental mission. Its new web series Drink Sustainably stars Marissa A. Ross, wine editor at Bon Appétit magazine and the personality behind the blog Wine. All the Time. Armed with an accessible, irreverent style of humor, Ross takes viewers through the finer points of topics like pesticides, vegan wine, and hand-picking, followed by a review of a hard-to-pronounce wine in each episode. Demystifying sustainable wine while dressed head-to-toe in Reformation? Ross may be our new hero.


Saved by the Max

Who would have thought that three pals, one diner, a Facebook event, and a dash of nostalgia was the perfect recipe to go viral? Proving that fandom is a powerful tool, what started as a parody pop-up with minimal marketing gained online traction and has turned into Saved by the Max, a dining experience in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood based on the Saved by the Bell gang’s hangout The Max. The immersive space is a detailed homage to the sitcom featuring memorabilia and—thanks to NCB Universal’s support—authentic logos and menu options from the show. Tickets are available for purchase online but those of us who can’t make it to Chicago can follow them on Instagram to see former cast appearances, Zack Attack cover bands, and more.


Whole Glory

Over the weekend, a few lucky—and brave—Angelinos had the honor of getting a free tattoo from legendary tattoo artist, Scott Campbell with one caveat; they had no say in what the tattoos would look like. Hosted by The Milk Gallery in Downtown LA at what is set to be Shinola’s new LA Arts District location, Whole Glory is an artistic spin on the seedier concept of “glory holes.” The interactive exhibit asks patrons to stick their arm through a hole in a fence with Campbell on the other side. Without seeing or talking to the person, Campbell inks them with whatever design speaks to him in that moment. This isn’t the first Whole Glory event-Milk Studios hosted one in New York late last year-and we’re hoping it won’t be the last as we love this fresh take on the relationship between artists and their subjects.


Golf Wang

There’s no doubt that this past weekend saw one of the biggest fashion events of the year: the runway debut of Golf Wang, the prep-meets-skateboarding clothing label by rapper and Renaissance man Tyler, the Creator. Equal parts fashion show and theater, the show opened with Tyler getting out of bed and brushing his teeth in a Golf Wang bathrobe, and then continued onto a lineup of Instagram influencers and Tyler’s friends, who walked, skateboarded, and biked down the runway wearing tracksuits, furry coats, and Hawaiian shirts. As if that wasn’t enough to get audience members excited, the show culminated in an Oprah-style shoe giveaway and a performance of a song Tyler wrote just for the event.



Recommendation apps are here to stay, and swipe-ability is key. Enter MightyTV, the perfect app for deciding what to stream next. The app asks users to input which streaming services they have access to as well as how much they are willing to spend on buying or renting content. Users then swipe through app-generated options in a tinder like fashion—left for dislike, up for skip, and right for like. Each option is complete with trailers, a synopsis, a list of which platforms the content is available on, any costs associated, and fun facts about the content. The more users swipe, the smarter the app gets at detecting their preferences. Plus, it has a mash-up feature which allows different users join their lists and see where their preferences overlap making picking what to watch for movie night with your pals simpler that ever.


The Other Festival

The Other Festival is founder Dee Poku Spaulding’s effort to counteract the fact that music festivals are heavily attended by females, yet rarely feature female headliners. The recent all-day event—and first all-female music festival in NYC—brought women together with a line-up of talks, workshops, and musical performances by female creators and entrepreneurs. Covering music, art, film, and technology, the event had appearances by Naomi Campbell, Rosario Dawson, and Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani, and performances by DJ Vashtie Kola, Brooke Candy, Yuna, and more. The festival has been attracting major buzz for how it was able to not only produce a strong, female-centric point of view, but also provide attendees with the tools to bring their own to fruition. Can’t wait for next year!

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Kristin Castillo