What Do You Meme?


Only One

Taking a cue from his wife, Kanye West is breaking into the world of gaming. Film and animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura recently debuted the beautiful trailer for the rapper’s forthcoming video game, Only One, with the simple caption, ”we are making a video game for Kanye West about his mom flying through heaven.” West is also said to have shown the game to a handful of developers at last week’s E3 conference. No word yet on a release date, but knowing Kanye West, anything is possible and we’re keeping our eyes peeled.



SanPellegrino wants people to stop and smell the roses with their new app, Delightways. This GPS app functions like any other map app, but in addition to getting users from point A to point B, it also points out stops along the way. The app’s creators utilized Foursquare and influencers to curate thousands of locations that conjure feelings of “delight and fun” including restaurants, street art, shops and everything from donuts to waterfalls. The “Wandering Tool” is launching in major metropolitan areas—Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago to name a few—and is sure to be a hit among nomadic Millennials.



Red, white, and now blue. The wine industry is getting a huge shake up thanks to six Spainards and their blue wine. Targeting vino-loving Millennials, Gik is a new wine named for its Spanish Basque region. Made from a secret blend of red and white grapes and dyed using pigments found in grape skin, the beverage will soon be available in France, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. In the meantime, we’ll be refreshing their Instagram page waiting for news of a U.S. release date.


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What Do You Meme?

Instagram sensation Elliot Tebele is taking his meme skills offline with a new card game, What Do You Meme? The game is similar to the risqué cult favorite Cards Against Humanity but incorporates the internet’s favorite memes. Tebele worked closely with Kickstarter to launch a funding campaign last week, and in true @fuckjerry fashion, the page is rife with slang, memes, and jokes. There is also a campaign video that is equal parts informative and entertaining and an FAQ section written as a dialogue between Tebele and a “hater.” The game reached its funding goal of $10k in just few hours and now has over $100k in backing. Needless to say, consumers are even more excited for game night.


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Scouring the internet for the perfect meme can be hard, but in this day and age they are an essential part of communication, especially with image-obsessed Gen Vs. Thankfully, the new app Dango is here to make the process of finding the perfect meme or emoji for every moment a little bit easier. This Android only app does not simply rely on word-matching technology, it’s able to understand conversational nuances as well as pop culture references to suggest the right emoji or meme for the conversation. With its sophisticated neural network, Dango is definitely getting added to our keyboard app list.


Opaque Couché

One-part chromotherapy, two parts marketing, a new UK initiative to curb smoking is taking advantage of consumers visually-driven purchase decisions. After a recent survey by GfK Bluemoon found that Pantone 448C, aka Opaque Couché, is the world’s ugliest color, with participants associating the dark green shade with “death and filth,” lawmakers in the UK required that it be the dominant color on tobacco packs. While smoking rates in the UK are the lowest in history, researchers are hoping Pantone 448C just may be repulsive enough to dissuade even hardcore addicts.

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