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We’ve written at length about Aphex Twin’s masterful ability to build buzz, and his latest stunt is no exception. The electronic music artist is teasing his upcoming Cheetah EP with his first music video in 17 years. But the mastermind behind this video for “Cirklon3 [Колхозная mix]” isn’t the artist himself, but one of his fans, 12-year-old Ryan Wyer of Dublin. After discovering Wyer’s work on his YouTube channel, Aphex Twin asked the young creator to direct his video, resulting in a 8-minute watch of Wyer surrounded by his friends and family while dancing around in the neighborhood and outfitted in Aphex Twin t-shirts and masks. Never have we appreciated low production value so much!



In honor of NYC Pride Week, gay social network and hook-up app Grindr put on an art party to end all art parties. Elevating the brand’s image, the event showcased five artists from the LGBTQ community, each of whom created an immersive room at the Top of the Standard. From a room with wall-to-wall pillows and mattresses to an opium den tattoo parlor, the exhibitions invited guests—who followed a “black tie pajama” dress code—to interact with the artists as well as with each other. The night of satin, lace, and leather culminated in a midnight “bedtime story” video with celebrity appearances and a call to action to support victims of the Pulse massacre.


This Week Had Me Like

Hosted by Caroline Goldfarb, who runs the popular meme Instagram account @officialseanpenn, This Week Had Me Like (TWHML) is a new biweekly podcast racking up praise online. TWHML explores the finer points of celebrity “gossip” specifically celebrities’ lesser known side projects such as Snookie’s Esty store or Adrien Brody’s fish themed art show. Each episode of TWHML features a guest who is either a pop-culture “plebe” or a pop-culture “expert” and together they discuss the most recent bizarre celebrity stories. Not only will this podcast help you keep up with the Kardashians and everyone else in Hollywood, it’s perfect for poolside podcasting this summer!


Private Party

As fast as fast fashion is, by the time your favorite retailers have slapped a catch phrase or slang term on a crop top, no one is saying it anymore. Enter Private Party, an LA based clothing brand churning out t-shirts emblazoned with relevant sayings as well as offering customization to make sure whatever you’re wearing is always “lit.” Private Party has been going viral thanks in part to the Kardashians who have made a habit out of customizing the label’s one-piece swimsuit and in part to their popularity with bridal parties. Recently, the label announced an app that will make it easier than ever for customers to wear their favorite pop-culture reference.


Festival Scope Player

For those of you who can’t quite make it to Cannes, Sundance, and Toronto every year but still want to stay up to date on the indie film scene–there’s an app for that. Festival Scope Player is essentially Netflix for Film Festivals, allowing users to conveniently watch a selection of indie films all in one convenient place for free. More than ever, consumers value access to content as well as independent films. Undoubtedly, they will appreciate the ease of availability offered by Festival Scope Player as well as the level of cultural cache it brings to their smartphones.


Jack Daniels

With Jack Daniel’s 150th anniversary this year, the Tennessee whiskey company is taking the opportunity to uncover an element of its brand history that has been long overlooked. Before, consumers heard about young Daniel, who learned how to make whiskey from preacher, grocer, and distiller Dan Call. However, the brand is beginning to embrace a different story in its group tours, social media, and marketing campaigns: that Daniel actually learned distilling from Nearis Green, one of Call’s slaves who Call considered “the best whiskey maker [he knew] of.” With slavery and whiskey playing major parts in Southern history, Jack Daniel’s storytelling shift indicates their willingness to dive into the complicated, race-driven history that has shaped America.

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