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Ever wonder what life would be like if it were totally virtually enhanced and completely saturated with media? You’ll want to check out Keiichi Matsuda’s futuristic conceptual video, which is making the rounds online this week. The video gives viewers a first-person perspective of protagonist, Juliana, whose world is digitally augmented, enhanced, and interactive. As she goes about her day, which largely consists of completing errands dictated by her “Job Monkey” app, she’s driven by the need to earn points and becomes a recipient of a barrage of pop-up ads. The plot thickens when Juliana’s technology starts to malfunction, but we won’t spoil it for you here. A potent statement on the future of technology and a Vimeo staff pick, the video is worth viewing a couple of times to take in all of its layered elements.


Edible Six-Pack Rings

Now more than ever, consumers expect companies to do their part for sustainability and the environment. In an effort to do just that, Saltwater Brewery has created Edible Six-Pack Rings. While cutting up the plastic rings that come with six-packs prevents sea creatures from becoming trapped in them, it doesn’t solve the problem of sea creatures ingesting the plastic, which is why Saltwater Brewery is ditching the traditional plastic rings for more environmentally friendly ones made out of grains left over from the brewing process. Not only are they safe for animals to eat, they are100% biodegradable. The sustainably-minded brewery is urging other manufacturers to make the change as well, a move that would drive down the costs of creating these edible rings that work just as well but right now are costlier to produce.



Shia LeBeouf, the actor turned prolific performance artist, has finished watching all of his movies and is now on a social media-driven hitchhike (no pun intended) commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The Finnish Institute in London, and Frame Contemporary Art Finland. Partnering with fellow artists Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, LeBeouf began tweeting the group’s coordinates this week with the hashtag #TAKEMEANYWHERE. Over the next thirty days, the artists will continue to post their coordinates via the project’s official Twitter account (@thecampaignbook) as they wait for some mode of transportation to come pick them up. Whoever arrives first gets the privilege of deciding where they go next, leaving their journey’s trajectory entirely in the hands of the Internet. To follow their progress, check out the website, which tracks the group in real time.


Fake Flowers

Despite having a long history rooted in French couture, fake flowers have garnered somewhat of a bad reputation. However, we’re sensing a shift in the perceptions surrounding these budding beauties. Faux florals are one of the main focuses of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current “Manus x Machina” exhibit curated by Andrew Bolton, and they’re also popping up elsewhere: From fashion designs and classes in the art of paper flower creation to uber trendy design shops like The Green Vase and Bell’occhio and retailers like One Kings Lane, beautiful hand crafted flowers are becoming part of a new aesthetic. After all, they look as good as real ones in an Instagram pic, right?


X-Men on Snapchat

In anticipation of this Friday’s premiere of the latest installment in the X-Men franchise, X-Men Apocalypse, Fox is utilizing Snapchat to reach its target young adult demographic. Last year the studio made history by becoming the first US advertiser to use a branded Snapchat lens for their Peanuts movie, and now they’re building on the tradition, completely taking over Snapchat's filters and allowing users to transform into characters from the film (However, we would be remiss if we didn't report that some users were upset about losing some of their favorite filters, even temporarily.) What’s more, users can also purchase tickets to X-Men Apocalypse natively in the app, the first time this has been an option on the platform and no doubt the start of a major trend.



Girls producers Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner partnered with bespoke tailor Bindle & Keep to bring Suited, a documentary about transgender issues as told through the lens of clothing, to HBO. Suited delves deep into the stories behind the struggle trans people have in finding clothes that properly fit them and also reflect their gender identity. Bindle & Keep was founded by former architect Daniel Freedman but became a beacon for LGBTQ-identified clients with the addition of Mx. Tutera, who identifies as trans-masculine. Already a favorite at Sundance, Suited is sure to be a powerful and emotional crowd-pleaser when it debuts June 29th.

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