It's the Summer of Love


i-D's Summer of Love

This summer, VICE’s i-D is releasing a four-part documentary series called Summer of Love, which follows a group of friends as they explore London’s gay scene, what it means to them, and how it played a role in them meeting one another. The first video of the series explores Queer spaces in London and their importance to the LGBTQ+ community as well as the city at large. Debuting online, this video and the series couldn’t come at better time with the larger conversation around safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, especially following the tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. We look forward to seeing what’s coming next from this inspiring series.



Michael Kors is taking its social strategy to the next level with a new update to their #Instakors campaign, giving Instagram followers exclusive early access to the latest and greatest in Michael Kors merchandise before it hits the site or stores. Followers click on a hyperlink in the brand’s Instagram profile to be automatically directed to a revamped #InstaKors website, which mirrors the Instagram feed and allows visitors to click and purchase products in the pictures. Not only does the initiative incentivize customers to follow them on the social sharing app, it creates a totally seamless shopping experience for those who need a dose of Insta-gratification.


Summer Rolls

This week in Instagrammable food, we bring you Summer Rolls. Currently trending thanks in part to temperature spikes and people’s affinity for food worth photographing, summer rolls are essentially spring rolls made of fruit and wrapped in transparent rice paper for a beautiful presentation. A healthy alternative to ice cream, these tasty treats are a hit with everyone from the Kardashians to food bloggers to kids. Keep an eye out for them in your Instagram feed and at trendy eateries, where they’re poised to start popping up soon.


Cat & Jack

We’re so excited to celebrate the launch of Target’s new children’s line Cat & Jack, a clothing line for kids, by kids. Target recruited children nationwide to consult on the line and assist in designing the ad campaign, resulting in an array of truly kid-approved clothing to make back to school shopping a little easier. Celebrity moms including Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson were on-hand to celebrate the new line at the event last week in Brooklyn, a free celebration that included a giant slide, fashion show, photo booth and styling by SoCozy. This ultimate kid-friendly line is available for purchase now with toddler sizes available August 7th and we can’t wait!


Sequel Stories

For a while now, we’ve been sharing the new and creative ways people are using technology to create interactive story-telling experiences, which is why we’re loving Sequel Stories’ new chatbot. Users can’t get enough of the new chatbot, which takes them on a choose-your-own storytelling adventure all hosted through the Facebook Messenger app. Throughout the story, users are given options and their choices determine what happens next as well as the outcome of the story. Right now, users can choose from three genres—romance, mystery, and comedy—but we expect the selection grow as the chatbot gains popularity.


Walmart Ugly Produce

Now that Walmart has hopped on the anti-food waste band-wagon, we’re officially declaring this trend mainstream. America’s largest grocer recently announced that they would start selling discounted weather-dented apples, otherwise known as “ugly fruit,” which would normally end up being thrown out. As part of the initiative, Walmart is debuting a brand of ugly apples called “I’m Perfect,” which are grown in Washington and available for purchase in 2- and 5- pound bags. While the giant retailer isn’t the first to try out this type of initiative, we applaud them for using their considerable reach to change the misconceptions about cosmetically-challenged produce.

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Kristin Castillo