Ikea Wants to Make Kanye Famous


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#EveryoneSpeaksFood brings together people and cultures under the simple premise that we all have to eat. This short film showcases Google translate’s free pop-up restaurant in New York this summer called Small World where they brought together 18 chefs to create a mash up of dishes from different cultures and cuisines. The restaurant’s menus featured a variety of languages and the wait staff all spoke different languages designated by stickers on their shirts. To communicate and understand the different languages being spoken, patrons used the Google Translate app, allowing them to seamlessly come together and proving that food indeed transcends language.


Instant Unlock Card

Is Twitter pioneering a new form of marketing? Hoping to foster conversations with brands on their platform, the social media giant recently unveiled a marketing tool called Instant Unlock Cards to do just that. Announced in January, the conversational ads engage users by incentivizing them to tweet using specific hashtags with the promise of unlocking exclusive content. For example, AMC used the new feature to promote The Walking Dead during San Diego Comic Con in July, and the show’s followers were given the chance to watch an exclusive trailer if they tweeted about the show’s premier. Now available to all advertisers on the platform, we’re excited to see which brands jump on board.


Ikea Trolls Kanye

A few months back, rapper and self-proclaimed genius Kanye West tweeted about a particularly inspiring visit to Ikea and followed up with a sketch of a bed he was trying to design. The mogul further expressed his desire to work with the brand in an interview with BBC Radio, and luckily for everyone, Ikea Australia answered. The affordable furniture brand posted a Facebook image of a bedframe called YEEZY, complete with the ability for endless attachments of more bedframes, a nod to the artist’s “Famous” music video. Obviously, the Internet soon co-opted the idea and has taken to Photoshop to create images of Ikea’s signature products as Kanye West collaborations, including a picture frame called Kånye Fråme, fishsticks called “Fijstiks” and even a logo. Touché, Ikea, touché.



If Amazon and Target’s beloved dollar section had a baby, it would be Hollar, the online retailer that has become a fast favorite among Millennial moms. With over a million monthly visitors, Hollar wants to make itself the one stop-shop destination for affordable, guilt-free purchases. While everything isn’t technically one dollar, the extremely low prices put Hollar on par with Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, stores that are doing incredibly well in the brick and mortar space, but have a severely limited online presence. With a devoted customer base continuing to come back for more, Hollar is definitely one to watch.


Double Dog

Coinciding with the movie Nerve is the release of a similar app with less dangerous challenges. Double Dog allows people to send and receive dares from their friends in exchange for points, or for the over 18 crowd, money. All dares must be recorded in the app as proof of their completion, and should there ever be a dispute over whether or not a dare was technically completed, users can send the dare to “trial” and allow the community to decide. Each week the app hosts a weekly tournament with the chance to win prizes and real money. We dare you to give it a try!



It’s not always easy to stay up to date on the newest technology, especially when you’re not a digital native. Further complicating things is the fact that 75 million Americans don’t have smartphones, making them unable to use all the handy on-demand apps that require such devices. Enter GoGoGrandparent, created when founder Justin Boogard’s grandmother wanted to use Uber but didn’t have a smartphone. GoGoGrandparents allows users to order an Uber from a landline or non-smart phone by calling it in for around an additional $2.50 per ride, a small price to pay for the coordination and convenience. The verdict’s still out on scalability, but we love GoGoGrandparent’s efforts to bring the conveniences of the digital age to older generations.

Kristin Castillo