Video Killed the Radio Star


VR Ballet

Lately it seems like it’s another day, another captivating 360-degree virtual reality experience. This week, we can’t stop watching Night Fall, the world’s first VR Ballet brought to us by the Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Designed specifically for VR viewing, the piece puts viewers right in the center of the performance as ballet dancers and musicians perform all around. No matter where you look, there’s something to see. For optimal viewing, be sure to break out your Samsung Gear VR or Google cardboards.


IBM Watson's Morgan Trailer

Artificial intelligence continues to demonstrate its creative potential, most recently with the computer-generated trailer for sci-fi thriller Morgan. Fox commissioned Watson, IBM’s AI technology, to create a trailer for the new film, which chronicles Morgan, an artificially sentient being who becomes too powerful for the scientists who created her to control. While Watson required a little human help to arrange the scenes in a logical order, the computer analyzed the film and picked all the action-packed clips single-handedly. The eerily poignant result shows off Watson’s impressive analytical skills and eye for the dramatic.


Cooper Hewitt Design Online

The Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design is keeping up with the times by digitizing its collection and making it available online. Over the past year, the museum has uploaded 92% of its collection—over 200,000 items—online in a searchable, user-friendly archive. Not wanting to overwhelm website visitors with their impressive collection, Cooper Hewitt is also creating mini-exhibits online and featured items of the day, ensuring that all of us can get a daily dose of art and culture from wherever we happen to be viewing.



Turning flat surfaces into big screens everywhere is Beam, the portable smart projector that’s taking off among execs, techies, and Netflix bingers alike. The device works alongside an accompanying Apple or Android app and fits into any light socket, allowing users to project virtually anything, whether it’s data in a conference room, recipes in your kitchen, or movies on your bedroom wall. It can also assist users in their daily activities, from waking you up in the morning with news and your agenda or showing your social updates when you come home, making its $560 price tag a little more justifiable.



There are a million and one food apps out there, but Drop is deliciously different in that it’s essentially an interactive recipe book. Not only does the app provide beautifully laid out recipes, it also includes tips and videos, ingredient substitutions and modifications, and even measurement adjustments to ensure that users have everything they need to execute a successful meal without having to leave the app. Thanks to Drop, aspiring cooks have no excuse to not whip up something fabulous on a weeknight.


The Greatest

This week, Sia released the viral music video for her latest single, “The Greatest,” and while she hasn’t explicitly said what the video is about, it appears to be a nod to the recent shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub that killed 49 victims. The video stars Sia’s muse, the ever-talented Maddie Ziegler, as she smears rainbow paint on her face and brings the other 49 still and seemingly lifeless dancers to life. Sia personally identifies as bisexual and has performed at numerous LGBT events in the past, and we’re glad to see her infuse her passion for the issue so beautifully in her work.

Kristin Castillo