Metals to Medals, Air to Ink

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The Trendera Files: The Entertainment Issue

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Marketing Buzz

The Instagram Drop

With all the fanfare surrounding spontaneous album drops, it’s no wonder this model is now finding success in other aspects of consumer culture. Today, building buzz around products takes much more than an old-fashioned announcement, as evidenced by trend- and taste-maker Sarah Jessica Parker’s recent fragrance drop on Instagram. After weeks of teasing her followers with cryptic messages marked by hashtag #ComeAndFindIt, SJP finally revealed that “it” was STASH, her beauty line’s latest scent. The provocative debut video is set to sultry music and features Parker rolling around in gauzy fabric, suggesting that some things never change, even on Instagram.

Our Obsession

Tiger Beer Air-Ink

Eco-conscious consumers just found their new favorite art tool! Brought to us by the geniuses at Graviky Labs (an offshoot of MIT Labs) and Tiger Beer, Air-Ink is a line of products including markers, paint, pens, and spray cans using ink that is made from the particles found in air pollution. Over the course of three years, Graviky labs has perfected their process by designing and creating a device that fits onto exhaust pipes and collects the particles that otherwise would be emitted into the air. The collected particles are then taken to the lab where they go through a purification process and are turned into the stuff creative dreams are made of.


Homesick Candles

In our increasingly global world, home can be literally half the world away. Enter Homesick Candles, the company that’s capturing and bottling unique scents of all 50 states, from the Magnolia and Bourbon-soaked notes of Tennessee to the cactus, ocean, and citrus medley that evokes Southern California. Each of the hand-poured candles is all natural soy wax and features a stylish rendering of the state it represents on the jar. While they’re still developing scents for a few straggler states (some are easier than others, after all), we definitely recommend checking out the current selection. Whether they remind you of home or that vacation you took to another state, we can’t get enough of this fun idea!


The mainstream popularity of comedians like Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, and Kevin Hart has helped grow and diversify the audience for stand-up comedy. With such a wide array of talent out there, consumers are always on the lookout to discover their next favorite, and new app wants to help them do just that. This stand-up comedy radio app features content from over 400 of the world’s top comedians available to stream right to your phone. Not only is is a great way for comedy lovers to find great content, it’s a way for emerging comedians to connect with a wider audience. The app allows comedians looking to get exposure to create a page and upload their content, ensuring there’s no shortage of lols.


Tokyo 2020

The Rio Olympics may technically be over, but that doesn’t mean that we’re ready to let it go just yet. In planning for the next Olympics in 2020, host country Japan is exploring making medals out of e-waste, which the country has in bulk, so that decorated Olympians in Tokyo would don medals made from precious metals recovered from small used electronic goods. To give you a sense of just how much gold, silver, and bronze this is, in 2014, discarded electronics in Japan yielded 315 lbs of gold, 3430 lbs of silver, and 1,112 tons of copper. If things go according to plan, it’s completely possible that our favorite Olympians in 2020 could be wearing medals that used to be iPhones, making it a win for them as well as the planet!

Kristin Castillo