Easter Egg Hunting in January


Toy Story Easter Eggs

It may only be January, but Disney’s Pixar has already gifted the Internet enough Easter eggs for all of 2017 with a recent video linking all of its films to one another. Posted on the official Toy Story Facebook page, the video compilation highlights the incredible attention to detail that goes into every film. Unlike the unsubstantiated fan theories that BuzzFeed is notorious for posting, these are verified straight from the source, with some of the references being so hidden they’ve likely slipped by even the most passionate Pixar fans. Could the animation studio be hinting at a shared universe project? We certainly wouldn’t put it past those crafty creatives.


Elton John: The Cut

Elton John and his songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their lyrical alliance by making up for lost time and releasing music videos for some of their most iconic songs. The twist? They’ve teamed up with YouTube to tap into its wealth of undiscovered filmmakers, giving creatives all over the globe a chance to direct videos for “Rocket Man,” “Tiny Dancer,” and “Bennie and the Jets.” Hopeful directors need only submit their ideas and samples of their previous work on the contest’s site for a chance to be considered. In addition to forever bragging rights, winners will also receive a $10,000 cash prize to finance their future creative endeavors. We’re thrilled about these classic songs getting the modern music video treatment and can’t wait to see the final results!


Underwater Pavilions

Dare we say that we’re reaching the cultural apex of space obsession? Rather than looking to the stars, we’re starting to turn our gaze to the vast unknowns of the deep sea. Case in point: Doug Aitken's latest exhibition, Underwater Pavilions, not only rejects the gallery world by being on public display for free, but exists completely underwater. In partnership with Parley for the Oceans and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the collection of three large temporary geometrical sculptures is available for viewing just off the coast of Catalina Island in California—if you’re willing to don a mask and fins, of course. It seems humans aren’t the only ones enjoying the exhibition either, as the sculptures have also attracted some never-before-seen species of fish. Between this aquatic exhibit and Periscope’s live underwater 360-degree video that we brought you last week, we’re excited to break out our wetsuits and see what other oceanic frontiers are forged in 2017.



From Unicorn Snot to Whipped Cream Cleansers, it seems there’s demand for beauty products to meet every need, no matter how specific or outrageous. Now, fragrance lovers everywhere are about to meet their new favorite cult product in Linger, a perfume primer designed to make scents last longer. Similar to a makeup primer, Linger creates an ideal barrier between skin and product to maximize its longevity. Users simply mist the light spray before applying their signature fragrance to smell amazing all day. Currently, the brand is inviting customers to participate in the “Linger Challenge” by posting a video of themselves trying out the product, and we have no doubt that it will soon be a staple in every perfume gift set. File this one under, “Why didn’t we think of that?”



GeoPickle is the latest app to encourage users to get out into the world and truly interact with their surroundings, this time using the power of crowdsourced timelapses. The app showcases how a given space or landmark has changed over time by creating a crowdsourced library of images from other users. To ensure the pictures line up seamlessly, the app features a transparent overlay that users can manipulate to get the perfectly aligned shot. The app then compiles all of the anonymous submissions into one time lapse or, as they call it, a “pickle.” We love how the app plays with space and time while encouraging users to get “pickling” and explore in a gamified digitally infused way.


A Seat at the Table Syllabus

A group of female students at Wake Forest University is using Solange’s recently released album, A Seat at the Table, as an opportunity to further understand issues of race, gender, sexuality, relationships, and more. Inspired by the artist’s meaningful music, the students have taken it upon themselves to compile a list of texts, music, and art that speak to similar experiences outlined in Solange’s work. The group is inviting the entire Internet to participate by collecting crowd-sourced curriculum for their syllabus until the end of January. This is one of the first forays into what is sure to be a year full of people taking it upon themselves to create spaces online where academics, popular culture, and diverse perspectives intersect.

Kristin Castillo