Ready, Set, Glow!


Sesame Street: Sharing Things

Just when you thought the Stranger Things mania was over, think again. Last week, beloved children’s series, Sesame Street, did their own take on the supernatural happenings in Hawkins, Indiana. Cleverly titled “Sharing Things,” the parody reimagines the show’s second season. Starring the “Cookiegorgon”–aka cookie monster–who has eaten all of the cookies in the “Snackside Down” but is still hungry and heads to Hawkins in search of more treats, which he refuses to share! Complete with everyone’s favorite Stranger Things characters played by puppets, bowl cuts, and even a last minute save by Eleven–played by the literal number eleven–“Sharing Things” is a hit with children and their parents alike.


Balenciaga Copyshop

Dover Street Market holiday shoppers are in for a special treat from Balenciaga this year. The luxury fashion brand is bringing their copyshop model to London. First unveiled at their Parisian concept store Colette last summer, the Balenciaga copy shop allows customers to utilize touch-screen kiosks to create their own Balenciaga t-shirts choosing from different colors, sizes, and graphics options each with “Balenciaga Do It Yourself Ts” on the back. Turning customers into designers, this truly bespoke and innovative in-store experience is available from November 30th until December 17th.



If there’s one thing 2017 has shown us it's that even more than the color pink, potted plants, and Game of Thrones, Millennials love their pets and now make up 35% of pet owners (the most of any other generation). Even those who don’t have pets are obsessed with following others’ on Instagram and accounts like @thedogist and other “pet influencers” are becoming a growing segment of the social media population. To celebrate this phenomenon, The Dog Agency, aka the first agency for pet influencers hosted the first PetCon. Billed as “a pet lover’s dream,” the two-day event consisted of panels, meet and greets with Instagram famous pets such as @hamlet_the_piggy and @harlowandsage, and more.


Too Faced

Beauty brand Too Faced is stealing the show this holiday season with their cheekily named, Glow Job facemask. Facemasks saw a huge jump in popularity in 2017 and this craze is only growing and spurring newer and more extreme products. Perfect for the maximalist trend set to take over 2018, the Glow Job facemask is super glittery–we’re talking Kim Kardashian Ultralight Beam levels of glitter–infused with real gold, and totally Instagram worthy. Retailing at $42, the mask makes a great stocking stuffer and is sure to be on every influencer’s wish list. We personally recommend pairing it with It-app kirakira+ for maximum sparkles.



ACTually is the latest app making waves online and encouraging people to “make a scene.” Allowing users to try out their acting chops with friends, the platform makes it easy to collaborate and to create scene-stealing films on their smartphones with people from all over the world. ACTually users can either use the app-provided scenes as a template or flex their creative skills utilizing the apps custom options and their own dialogue. We can’t wait to see how imaginative Z’s, ready to take their Snapchat skills to the next level, use the app to create.


Hair Nah

Fed up with her less woke peers asking to touch her hair, Momo Pixel came up with a solution to this problem plaguing black women everywhere. The art director for Wieden+Kennedy put her skills to work on a simple yet addictive game, Hair Nah. Players create a black female avatar and choose a destination for her to travel. Along the way, hands appear in an attempt to touch said avatar’s hair and players must swat them away using the left and right arrow keys. Both informative and fun, the game sheds some light on an experience that’s all too real for black women.

Kristin Castillo