Happy Valentines, Haters.


Regular readers will recall how we’ve applauded Spotify for their innovative “President of Playlists” and “Thanks 2016, It’s Been Real” campaigns, and this week the streaming giant is back at it again with Climatune. Putting their data on users’ listening habits to use once more, Spotify launched a creative new platform in partnership with Accuweather that allows users to explore how weather influences the music they play. The new Climatune site provides weather-based playlists based on it’s users’ location as well as the moods people typically experience during various conditions, such as snow, sun, wind, and rain. Full disclosure: we’re seriously crushing on Spotify’s marketing department this v-day.


West Elm House

From Stone Brewing to Equinox, brands everywhere are getting into the hospitality business, but none quite so stylishly as West Elm. In addition to its highly anticipated chain of boutique hotels set to open in 2018, the Millennial favorite furniture retailer recently renovated a house in Palm Springs from the 1950’s that is now available for customers to rent Airbnb style. Decorated exclusively in West Elm furnishings, the “living showroom” will set visitors back about $5,000 a week. For the rest of us who just want a peek, the brand is offering free tours on February 25th. Is it too early to start planning Spring Break?


Rockband VR

Rock Band nearly drove us crazy when it was released in 2007, but we owe it to this rhythmic video game phenomenon for introducing younger Millennials and even Gen Vs to the classic rock and roll songs of times past. Now, almost a decade later, the game is getting a modern twist thanks to its new VR capabilities. Designed to be played with Oculus Rift headsets and controllers, Rock Band VR invites players to rock out even harder, virtually immersing players into the action and putting them right on stage. The new game is released March 23rd but currently available for preorder on Amazon.



Let’s be honest, none of us are feeling that perky after 2016. Thankfully, a new dating app has arrived on the scene just in time to help snarky singletons find a valentine. While most apps recommend matches based on mutual friends or interests, this one invites users to bond over their mutual hatred. Aptly named Hater, the app allows users to provide information on things they despise—fedoras, slow walkers, and vaping, for instance—and pairs them with others having complementary contempt. Even though the app humorously centers around hate, it takes precautions to discourage genuinely negative behavior. After all, we all know that love ultimately trumps hate.


Reformation's Action Tees

Like it or not, the theme of 2017 thus far is politics, with people from all walks of life speaking out and being more vocal about their views. This week, Reformation debuted a line of stylish “action tees” featuring various social commentary, from “more trees less walls” to “save winter.” For each $50 tee purchased, Reformation will donate $30 to one of three organizations: The Environmental Defense Fund, the ACLU, or Planned Parenthood. Not only does the line help activists spread their message while also supporting causes they believe in, it also allows them to look good while doing it.

Kristin Castillo