Take You to the Candy Shop


Teenage War

Inspired by the origins of the film Monster Trucks, which was apparently the idea of an executive’s four-year-old son, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert decided to try its hand at getting a blockbuster movie out of the mouths of babes. Colbert hosted a focus group of enthusiastic kids, where he probed for their ideas for a film and translated it into a trailer with a star-studded cast. The result is a dramatic (and quite literal) action movie called Teenage War starring Andrew Garfield and Idina Menzel as—you guessed it—teenagers. With clever cameos from stars such as Priyanka Chopra, John Oliver, and John Malkovic, Teenage War may just give Monster Trucks a run for its money.


Mansur Gavriel SS17 Candy Shop

As we highlighted in our latest report, Instagram Rooms—beautiful branded spaces designed to be photographed and posted on social media—are part of the future of marketing in the digital age. Always on the cutting edge, Mansur Gavriel featured such an activation at their SS17 presentation at NYFW, completely transforming their New York boutique into a gorgeously styled candy shop. Looking like something straight out a Wes Anderson film, the brand displayed rows of candy too pretty to eat alongside the brand’s signature minimalist shoes and accessories and even had a custom gift-wrapping station available for customers. Securing its spot as the most Instagram-worthy location at this year’s NYFW, we can’t wait to see what they do in the fall.


Restaurant 917

Already tired of uber trendy Catch or just looking for something a little more your speed? Enter Porsche’s hidden restaurant, Restaurant 917. An insider secret until recently, Restaurant 917 opened late last year and is located on the grounds of the “Porsche Experience Center” just outside of LA, where they also feature their racetrack and showroom. The eatery is the perfect place for those of us who can’t quite afford a 911 yet but want to feel like a Porsche owner. From Porsche molded butter to top notch culinary creations by renowned chef Matt Lee, the restaurant combines kitsch with class for a branded yet elegant dining experience, all while letting patrons watch its ridiculously fast cars speeding around the racetrack.


Cannabis Bouquet

For those of us who missed the memo on Valentine’s Day or simply need an alternative to traditional flower gifts, Lowell Herb Co has it covered. With the recent legalization of marijuana in California, the LA-based dispensary is capitalizing on the new lit laws with the creation of a lush cannabis bouquet that says “I love you” and “let’s get high” all at the same time. Priced at $400 (though if you ask us it should have been $420) the arrangement is truly the gift that keeps on giving. After all, “you can’t smoke roses.”


Fortune City

Tax season has many reevaluating their financial planning habits and looking to apps to assist them in forming new habits. Our pick? Fortune City, an app that breaks away from simple tracking and goal setting to gamifying users’ finances. With Fortune City, each user is the “mayor” and for every transaction they record in the app, they receive tools and supplies to build up their “city.” Essentially The Sims meets Mint, this app makes tracking spending and saving both fun and easy.


UTA Rally

This week, we’re giving props to United Talent Agency for hosting a “United Voice Rally” in lieu of an Oscar Party this year. The goal of the rally is to express the concerns of the creative industry, particularly the growing anti-immigration sentiment, in our current political environment. In addition to the rally, UTA will be donating a combined total of $250k to the ACLU and the IRC as well as encouraging attendees to donate. Many have criticized the “Liberal Hollywood Elite” for being all talk no action when it comes to the issues, so it’s refreshing to see the organization taking a meaningful stand by prioritizing politics over one of the industry’s biggest nights.

Kristin Castillo