Will You Marry Me...At Taco Bell?


Keeping Up with the Kattarshians

Move over Kardashians, there’s a new (four-legged) family in the reality TV landscape. Like all good reality TV, the premise of the show starts with forcing the stars to live together in one house with the hopes that things get a little hairy. Keeping up with the Kattarshians is no different. Viewers can watch a live stream of four kittens eating, playing, and more often than not, napping together in their adorable tiny kitten house. The show, produced in partnership with The Icelandic Cat Protection Society, has already led to the adoption of all four of its rescue-kitten stars and four new kittens are preparing to move in. There’s nothing the internet loves more than kittens, even the Kardashians.


Taco Bell Wedding

Everyone’s favorite “Mexican” fast food joint is offering its die-hard fans the chance to swap church bells for Taco Bell and get married at their flagship location in Vegas. All soon-to-be newlyweds need to do is bring their marriage license up to the counter and order a wedding–seriously it’s on the menu. Along with happily every after, the bride and groom will receive a swag box with matching Mr. and Mrs. Taco Bell tees, a sauce packet garter, bow-tie, and bouquet, and a reception for up to 15 guests. While from any other brand this would seem like a crazy gimmick, Taco Bell has notoriously passionate fans who will no doubt jump at the chance to prove their love for the brand and one another at the same time.



In our most recent report, "The Future Of", our "Emojital" trend outlines how the internet is obsessed with conveying their mood through visuals whether it's meme’s, Snapchat, or emojis. Linkmoji takes the emoji fixation to the next level by allowing users to create custom link aliases represented by emojis. Fully functional as regular links, linkmojis are perfect for jazzing up text conversations, tweets, and newsletters… Copy and paste our linkmoji below into your browser to download a sample of our latest report.



Tattly x Vogue

What has more staying-power than a tattoo? Vogue! In honor of Vogue Magazine's 125th Anniversary, the iconic publication partnered with Brooklyn-based temporary tattoo retailers Tattly. The pair created a limited-edition collection of stunning temporary tattoos pulled straight from the Vogue archives from the 1920s through the 1940s. The “Vintage Vogue Set” comes with eight nontoxic, vegetable based ink, artist-designed tattoos, all made in the United States. We can’t wait to tatt ourselves up in the name of fashion.


Cool Cousin

This week, we’re loving Cool Cousin, the app that gives users access to dozens of extended “family” members to act as local guides. Cool Cousin gives users recommendations and trip tips from “cousins” who have similar interests filtered by metro city, guy or girl preference, and categories like food, shopping, and culture. From there, users can view their “cousins” profiles which include a Q&A to get to know them better, and even look at their social media handles to see exactly how similar they are before they bother taking their recommendations. A fresh spin on the app-recommendation economy, Cool Cousins creates the familial-like sense of digital togetherness that millennials crave.


I Am An Immigrant

As we highlighted last week with UTA’s United Voices Rally, Hollywood has taken to advocating for immigrant rights, partly because many in the community are immigrants. This week, the Fashion Industry is getting involved as well with W Magazine putting out a video compilation of 81 notable names in fashion delivering a simple message, “I am an Immigrant.” It’s easy to forget that households names such as Adriana Lima, Diane von Furstenberg, and Grace Coddington–who are so ingrained in American popular culture–are immigrants. The powerful video shines a light on just how important immigrants are to the American identity and culture in a political climate where they are often portrayed negatively.

Kristin Castillo