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Chevy Spoof

Anyone who has so much as walked past a TV in the last few months has seen Chevy’s “Emojis” ad, which employs the tired trope of “real people” sharing their opinions. One YouTuber, Zebra Corner, took it upon himself to create a much-deserved parody of the ad, which imagines what would happen if not all of the “real people” are that crazy about the product. In the video, Corner inserts himself seamlessly into the original ad as the hilarious voice of dissent that isn’t buying Chevy’s pitch, going as far as describing the car with the turtle emoji because it “looks slow.” In a year of fake news and alternate facts, this timely fake ad is giving the upcoming crop of Super Bowl ads a run for their money.


Rebecca Minkoff

The fashion show we’ve been impatiently waiting for is finally here. On Saturday, 5 days ahead of New York Fashion Week, Rebecca Minkoff is debuting her latest collection in Los Angeles with a full day of festivities at one of the city’s most popular shopping destinations, The Grove. Along with front row seats to a major runway show, attendees will be able to take a yoga class, get a mani by Essie, join a wine tasting, and more. Not only is this a great way for Minkoff to show some love to one of her largest markets, it’s a perfect example of the immersive experiences that consumers are craving from their favorite brands.


The Future Of Issue

After the year that was 2016, we don’t blame you for wondering what in the world 2017 has in store. Lucky for you, we wrote an entire report about it! Our biggest issue of the year, the Winter report is chock full of trends and predictions for the coming year. Not only are we tackling big topics such as the future of gender, entertainment, marketing, retail, and more, we’ve also rounded up the latest people, places, and things on the rise. Our new stats give you a fresh glimpse into how people are feeling right now, from the coasts to the heartland. Download your complimentary sample for a little taste of what’s trending, and don’t forget to give us a shout if you want to know more about our offerings!


Hand Energy

With the amount of time we spend on our phones (every waking moment), it seems no battery in the world could last long enough to support our mobile mania. But what happens when you're approaching 10% and forgot to charge your Mophie? Enter Hand Energy, a small handheld device that allows users to extend their phone’s battery life using only the power of their palms. Created for people on the go, Hand Energy charges as users rotate the device in a circle, generating energy that can then be used to charge their devices. Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, the device has already raised 143% of its original goal.



These days, the only thing Americans can agree on is that they disagree on just about everything. From participating in protest marches to deleting Uber, people everywhere are looking for a way to make their voice heard in these divided times. Countable is an app looking to simplify the political activism process for the digital generation. The app, which has taken pains to avoid leaning politically left or right, alerts users to upcoming congressional votes, breaking news, unbiased information, and offers the ability to send video messages to their congressional leaders. It’s truly never been easier to get involved.


Warby Parker x Girl Gaze

Fashion photographer, writer, content creator, and overall #Girlboss Amanda de Cadenet has teamed up with Warby Parker to create a new style of glasses to support her new project, #girlgaze, an initiative dedicated to helping women see (no pun intended) the tools they need to create in a male dominated industry. The frames come in two colors, which are named after de Cadenet’s twin daughters: Silvan, a translucent pink and Elle, a jet black. In addition to selling the stylish frames, Warby Parker is making a donation to #girlgaze in honor of the partnership.

Kristin Castillo