Feel the Binge


Eight Note Live Gameplay Videos

The latest app craze not only has users literally screaming in their seats, but is so entertaining we think it’s even more fun to watch than to play. Eighth Note! is currently going viral across Asia thanks to its voice-activated addictiveness. Reminiscent of Flappy Bird, users are simply required to jump over various obstacles. The catch? The only way players can control the game is through the volume of their voice—the louder they speak, the faster their avatar runs; to make it jump, they have to yell. As you can imagine, the videos of people playing the game are hilarious and thankfully not subject to the app’s lack of volume control.


Beauty and the Beast Tea

To the delight of Disney fans and bookworms everywhere, Twinings has developed a limited edition collection of herbal teas inspired by the highly anticipated remake of Beauty and the Beast. A perfect way to honor the film’s introverted and intellectual heroine, Princess Belle, the four flavors were developed by Twining’s master blenders and include Pure Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger, Chamomile, Honey & Vanilla, and Orange & Cinnamon Spice. Available in stores and online through December 2017, our bet is these teas will hit the spot with the film’s fan base and are most certainly Mrs. Potts approved.


Netflix Personal Trainer

Netflix may be more synonymous with couch potatoes than gym rats right now, but that could be beginning to change. Knowing full well that we can’t just quit a House of Cards marathon half way through, the streaming service is now urging viewers to earn their binges with the help of its own personal trainer, a product of the company’s annual hackathon. Offering step-by-step instructions, Netflix not only shows viewers how to hack their way into programming the voices of their favorite characters into their gym sessions, it also helps keep them accountable by automatically pausing video and sound when they fall below a certain threshold of activity. The DIY device does require a bit of technical prowess, but we’ll take any help we can get in hacking our way to summer body 2017.


Walden Video Game

Existentialism just might be making a comeback if this video game has anything to say about it. Created by USC’s Game Innovation Lab, Walden, a game, provides an interactive way to experience Henry David Thoreau’s meditative autobiography without ever picking up the book. Employing tranquil imagery and serene sound effects, the game takes place during Thoreau’s iconic Massachusetts retreat, challenging players with stillness and simplicity as they reflect in “nature.” Available for $18.45 on indie gaming platform itch.io, the debut arrives just in time to celebrate its protagonist’s 200th birthday and encourages us all to take a walk in the park both digitally and IRL.


Taken Mate

From Tinder to Bumble BFFs, pretty much everyone is turning to the internet to meet people, but it’s not always easy to tell whether the person behind the profile is legit. Cue Taken Mate, a new app that verifies someone based on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles. When users get catfish vibes from a new acquaintance—maybe that person they met at Starbucks or the guy on Craigslist selling Coachella tickets—they simply type in the person’s name, email, or phone number to look them up. If the person isn’t already registered with the app, it will invite them to legitimize themselves by validating with an appropriate account. Another plus, every download results in a contribution to a charity of your choice!


Delta Pilots

History was made recently thanks to two badass Delta pilots, with Officer Dawn Cook and Captain Stephanie Johnson being the first pair of African American female pilots to ever fly an aircraft together. Though long overdue, the feat couldn’t have come at a better moment, on the cusp of Black History Month and Women’s History month. What’s more, it wasn’t a matter of coincidence but rather an intentional accomplishment: when Cook learned that Johnson had a scheduled flight from Detroit to Las Vegas, she personally reached out to Johnson to coordinate the famous flight. We salute these amazing ladies for breaking the streak and giving us all something to celebrate.

Kristin Castillo