Good Wholesome Fun



YouTube is feeling the heat this week from consumers, content creators, and advertisers alike due to a new restricted mode feature whose algorithm classifies seemingly any LGBTQ-related content as inappropriate. Designed to help parents filter objectionable material for kids under 18, the algorithm removes videos with LGBTQ themes as well as profiles of inspiring leaders in the community. While YouTube has acknowledged the error and pledged to fix it, that hasn’t stopped many brands from pulling their ad spend and prominent YouTubers from speaking out. Notably, Gigi Gorgeous, a transgender woman, star, and activist who boasts 2.5 million subscribers on the platform, perfectly captures the dangers of YouTube’s new opt-in mode with a personal twist on why it matters.


Tasty Coffee

Following the success of their semi-customizable Tasty Cookbook, BuzzFeed’s hit channel Tasty—a.k.a. Food Network for Millennials—is now trying its hand in consumer goods. Partnering with Today Food, a subdivision of The Today Show, and Brooklyn Roasting Company, Tasty now offers personalized coffee, customized labels and all. In true BuzzFeed fashion, the media company first asks customers to take a short quiz on their food tastes and coffee preferences to pair them with their perfect blend. From there, patrons devise a creative name to be printed on the label and then shipped to their door. An unexpected yet perfectly on-brand partnership, we’re hoping there’s much more where this came from.


High End Weed

As legalization continues to spread, society’s relationship with weed has escalated from mere recreational indulgence to full on obsession, making it the plant du jour in food, fashion, lifestyle, and even beauty. Now the herb is receiving a luxury edit courtesy of former fashion executive Clement Kwan and tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Dubbed “the Hermès of Marijuana” by the New York Times, luxury cannabis brand Beboe specializes in upscale vaporizers and edible pastilles ranging from $25-60. The gorgeous packaging and products feel appropriate for all kinds of social settings and the low dose Satvia blends are suited for even the most inexperienced cannabis consumer. Currently delivering throughout southern California, Beboe aims to capture high end consumers (no pun intended) as part of a larger effort to further normalize the product.


The Secrets You Keep

The weather is getting warmer and vacation season is approaching, as is the search for the perfect beach read. Look no further than The Secrets You Keep, written by New York Times bestselling author and former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine Kate White, as it’s sure to keep readers on their toes. This psychological thriller follows Bryn Harper, a successful self-help author whose life suddenly spirals out of control when she finds out her new husband is keeping secrets that have terrifying consequences. From Girl on the Train to Big Little Lies, thrillers continue to dominate storytelling among female consumers in particular, and we couldn’t think of a better addition to the mix.



The announcement of Apple’s new app Clips is making waves for its ability to allow users to seamlessly create better videos than ever before. Although it undoubtedly borrows elements from Snapchat and Instagram, Clips is more of a tool than a social network, giving users the ability to create great videos but then share them elsewhere. To create a clip, users first record in real time or add a video already captured on their phones and then enhance it with filters, music, emojis, text overlay, facial recognition, and last but not least, instant captioning—a feature we are particularly excited about for its potential to usher in a new era of videos that can be played without needing sound!


Wholesome Memes

We all know the internet isn’t always the most uplifting place, but the 20-year-old creator behind @wholesomememes is looking to make a positive mark. Tired of self-deprecating and negative memes, @wholesomememe’s creator (who wishes to remain anonymous) sought to curate an account of highly positive content where followers won’t find any of the profanity, raunchiness, or mean-spiritedness of other meme accounts that, while often humorous, can also be harmful. The @wholesomememes account often re-works existing memes that are trending to be more inspiring, making a statement on the internet culture and brightening the days of followers around the world. With its encouraging and heartwarming material, @wholesomememes is Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul for an Instagram generation.

Kristin Castillo