Everybody's Blushing


All This Panic

From Dog Woof productions and filmmaking duo Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton comes All This Panic, a documentary that offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of a group of Gen V girls in Brooklyn as they navigate friendship, family, growing up, and sexuality in the 21st century. Already a media and indie festival favorite, the film is being applauded for not focusing heavily on the girls’ romantic interests, instead devoting more time to other elements of their lives. While the film is currently limited to theaters in the UK, we’re already calling it the real-life Boyhood for girls and can’t wait until it’s available to view stateside later this week.


Pottery Barn 3D Room View

Pottery Barn is the latest furniture retailer to create an augmented reality app that invites people to redecorate their living rooms while never leaving the comfort of their couch. Powered by Tango, Google’s augmented reality technology, the app allows users to select from a variety of Pottery Barn furniture, rugs, lamps, and pillows, and overlay them to preview how they would look in their space. A step forward in revolutionizing the shopping experience, these apps are winning over consumers with their novelty, while the convenience and immersive nature of the technology keeps them from feeling gimmicky.



With new must-listen podcasts popping up seemingly every week, the podcast-craze shows no signs of hitting pause anytime soon. The reviews are in and S-Town, a new podcast from the same team who brought us mega-hit Serial, is next up on our queue. The new hit podcast is not a straightforward true-crime investigation like its predecessor, but rather a more complex look into the town of Twin Peaks, Alabama. To prevent spoiling anything, all we’ll say is what starts as a murder investigation based on an email tip from a Serial listener turns into much, much more. Thankfully, each of the seven episodes from the buzzed-about series were released at once to allow fans to binge-listen to the twisty mystery.


Pink Light Bulbs

We’ve officially reached peak “Millennial pink.” It’s no longer enough to have blush colored clothes, accessories, and furniture—now fans of the uber trendy shade want to bathe in its rosy light. The obsession has become so intense that many younger consumers are switching out their regular white light bulbs for ones with a flattering pink glow, such as GE’s blush-colored bulbs. In a time where trends seem to have a shorter shelf-life than a Snapchat Story, it’s impressive that this particular trend has demonstrated such staying power and we expect to see even more of it as we enter the warmer months.



Shopbolt is making online shopping more seamless and conversational. Developed under the Sears brand, the free service streamlines online shopping from any retailer by connecting users with a personalized shopper who can be reached via the app, email, or text message. Users simply enter their billing information and what they’re looking for, be it clothing, gifts, or groceries. From there, a real-life personal shopper does all the work, whether its researching price comparisons, coordinating shipping, or dealing with customer service. Best of all, the entire process feels like a text conversation. Available for both iOS and Android, Shopbolt is the latest offering within the highly competitive on-demand app economy that consumers have become accustomed to.


Masculinity Confession Booth

Student organization Man Up Against Violence (MUAV) is challenging students to take a critical look at the ways they contribute to the culture of toxic masculinity with their Confessions of Masculinity Booth. The booth, which will be part of a few of the organizations upcoming events, will encourage both male and female students to “confess” ways they’ve knowingly and often unknowingly reinforced toxic masculinity, from something as innocuous as telling someone to “man up” to more offensive actions like cat-calling. Recognizing that men aren’t the sole perpetrators of toxic masculinity, MUAV is fostering important conversations around how we can all work together towards better society.

Kristin Castillo