The Internet Is Going Cuckoo For Cuca


Jeff Koons

Museums seem to be the new place for photo-ops these days (at least when it comes to those with ice cream and rain rooms), but we appreciate MoCA Los Angeles’ efforts to generate more interest in the artists themselves. For their upcoming 2017 gala, the museum commissioned aseven-minute documentary on renowned artist Jeff Koons. Narrated by actress Scarlett Johansson, the short film guides watchers through an overview of Koons’ impressive four-decade career, sustaining interest with offbeat facts like how Koons listens to an hour of Led Zeppelin a day to stay inspired. With stunning visuals and an A-list narrator, we think it’s worth a watch whether you’re an art lover or not.



Wanting to help online daters upgrade their profile game, Delta recently partnered with Tinder to create “’Dating Destination Walls,” a series of backdrops illustrated by New York Times’ Andrew Rae on Wythe Avenue in New York City. The walls were designed to appeal to consumers’ love of travel as well as their obsession with Insta-worthy backdrops, depicting nine wanderlust locations around the world. Not only is the cheeky campaign helpful in making visitors’ dating profiles appear more interesting, it gives them easy social capital with an epic photo and a fun story behind it. Let’s just hope they remembered to provide talking points for each destination.



If you’ve logged into Twitter this past week, you may have noticed memes featuring a puppet alligator in a blonde wig taking over your timeline. Meet Cuca, the newest LGBTQ icon. While this character has been around since the 1920s—she first appeared in a series of fantasy novels by Brazilian author Monteiro Lobato as a reptilian witch who hunts and eats children—she was later adapted for television in the ‘70s and again more recently in the aughts. Now, the internet has fallen in love with the villain’s sassy demeanor and drag queen style after new GIFs emerged in honor of Pride Month. Already, Cuca has outshined Babadook, the meme that also became an unexpected queer icon earlier this year, and our bet is that we’ll see even more of her this summer.




Instagram Likes

Need a surefire way to get Gen Zs to the mall? Sell them what they truly want: likes. Queue company Snatap who recently installed vending machines to “dispense” Instagram likes in upscale shopping centers all over Russia. The likes are not bot driven, but done by real people, which makes the concept completely legal and in alignment with Instagram’s terms and conditions. You can’t beat the price either—costing just $0.89 for 100 likes, it’s no surprise that Snatap’s success has prompted expansion discussions from its 20 machines in Russia to take on the United States. Who would have thought that digital products could be the saving grace for retail IRL?

Sensee Search

For all those times we’ve been somewhere and wished to learn more, there’s Sensee Search. Acting as a physical encyclopedia that allows users to truly scan the world, this new iOS app allows users upload any image or simply take a photo where they are. Then, the app uses artificial intelligence to detect the content of the image and return detailed information from YouTube, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, and more to inform and inspire users within seconds. At just $1.99, it’s a small price to pay for instantaneous enlightenment.

Self Defense Starter Kit

Recognizing the recent rise in hate crimes towards marginalized groups, the people behind Repro Rights Zine and video project Self Defense Starter Kit have created a badass downloadable zine that gives readers a pocket-sized workshop in self defense. With clear, informative, Gen Z-approved illustrations, the free zine features eight self-defense techniques designed to help people become empowered to react in tense or dangerous situations and help them feel safe, secure, and equipped in their day-to-day.

Kristin Castillo