VR Reaches New Heights




Adidas- Here to Create

Following the success of last year’s “Here to Create” campaign tapping athletes and social media influencers, adidas is upping the ante this year. As part of their current campaign, the athletic brand released a video utilizing animation to imagine some of the world’s top soccer stars such as Lionel MessiPaul PogbaRoberto Firmino, and Luis Suarez as animated heroes. Showcasing footage from some of the footballer's most impressive goals, the video infuses artistically designed animation to transform them into rock stars, wrestlers, and even-in the case of Messi-gods. Emphasizing not only the athletes but also the importance of art and creativity in sports, the video has been a huge hit online, especially among soccer fans.

Ikea Frakta's Hommage

The classic Ikea tote (aka the Frakta) is undoubtedly having a cultural moment. From Balenciaga’s flattering and luxurious copy of the bag to all the unique iterations that followed such as wallets, masks, and even thongs, the polypropylene tote has unexpectedly infiltrated the fashion world. Leaning into the hype, Ikea released a video this week celebrating the timely 30th anniversary of “the most hardworking bag in the world” that emphasizes the utility, durability, and affordability of the globally loved carryall. From clapping back at Balenciaga in print ads to throwing shade in their new video Ikea is making the most of the 99 cent bag’s 15 minutes of fashion fame.

Form Arcosanti

In the wake of the disastrous Fyre Festival, FORM Arcosanti is building a reputation for itself as the anti-cliché (and scam free) music festival. The growing festival located north of Phoenix Arizona just concluded its fourth year and featured impressive musical acts such as Solange and Skrillex. Complete with a unique application process, FORM Arcosanti asks concertgoers to answer questions like “What inspires you?” and evaluates their responses before even giving them to chance to purchase tickets allowing curators of the festival to pick attendees as carefully as the lineup. The goal is to encourage and cultivate a thoughtful and engaged community of people to spend the entire weekend together camping and enjoying live music. As music lovers are increasingly complaining about the commercialization of their favorite festivals, FORM Arcosanti is aiming to protect the authenticity of the experience.


DJI Goggles

In just a few short years, VR technology has revolutionized the way we view and capture the world. Now, drone company DJI is pushing the technological boundaries even further with the release of DJI Goggles, a VR-style headset that allows users to stream high-quality drone footage in real time and control a drone by simply moving their head. The headset features low-lag wireless connectivity, and allows direct control of photo and video capture, for a seamless first-person flight experience. Compatible with DJI drones (including the pocket-sized “Spark” that made headlines earlier this year) the headset is setting the new standard for VR and drones alike.


Ask Tia

Sex education continues to go digital with new app Ask Tia, a personal wellness assistant for women that can not only answer their questions about sexual wellness, but also help users choose the right birth control, find a doctor, and more. The more users interact with the chat-based assistant, the more she learns about. Tia can also assist users by tracking their cycles and reminding them to take their birth control. A valuable resource for younger generations who are more comfortable consulting technology over asking an IRL human, Ask Tia is creating a safe and judgment free space to discuss issues of reproductive and sexual health.


The Guardian

In response to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, British-based newspaper The Guardian launched the editorial series “This Land is Your Land.” The series details the threat facing US public lands with the first video also introducing the $50,000 campaign to fund the series. While the goal of the program is to shed light on social issues such as climate change, conservation, and environmental policy The Guardian also hopes the series’ coverage of these issues will play a role in holding politicians more accountable in taking action to protect the environment. Within 31 hours of the campaign’s launch, it exceeded its fundraising goal proving that, for many, environmental protection is a huge concern.

Kristin Castillo