The Trendera Files: All About Gen Z




Savor Wavs

In our recent survey, nearly half of Gen Zs listed music as one of their favorite types of entertainment. Chipotle, another Gen Z favorite, is tapping into this love of tunes with Savor Wavs, an online musical and virtual experience that allows users to create their own song. The site asks users to input their favorite Chipotle ingredients and creates a custom beat based on their choices. Users can then remix the track by adding hot sauce, lime, and chips with each ingredient corresponding to a different musical flair. After creating their custom Chipotle song, composers are rewarded with a BOGO coupon to purchase their favorite Chipotle order IRL. Beats by Chipotle anyone?

The Trendera Files: All About Gen Z

Have we finally reached peak Millennial? Our forecast says yes. While we’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for this entitled and empowered group, it’s time to direct our focus to the rising class of culture creators: Gen Z. This group, currently around 6-21 years old, is claiming their influence on the world sooner than any generation before, wielding their power to effect change, drive new trends, and hand up their ideas to the rest of us. That’s why we created All About Gen Z—to serve as a manual with everything you need to get to truly know this up-and-coming generation and to anticipate what’s next. Be sure to download a free sample and enjoy the rest of this Gen Z-themed newsletter!


Taking a cue from Millennials, Gen Zs expect on-demand everything. Like food, drivers, and laundry, there’s now an app to get on-demand art as well. Send Me SFMOMA is an SMS service that makes sharing the museum’s extensive art collection as easy as texting a friend. While the museum’s entire art assemblage would require a person to walk 121.3 miles to view each piece, Send Me SFMOMA delivers a more comprehensive and personalized experience that allows viewers to explore and appreciate the collection in a convenient new way. Users simply text “send me” to 572-51 followed by a keyword, color, mood, or emoji, and an image of a piece curated just for them will be sent straight to their phones. A fun way to make art more engaging and customized, we applaud SFMOMA for its creative initiative that engages Gen Zs on their favorite place: their smartphones.




Dark Arts Bath Bombs

There’s no denying that when it comes to Instagram-ready bath products, Lush knows what they’re doing—after all, the brand has a cult following so devoted that they’re willing to tattoo themselves! Speaking of cults, the brand is taking their bath bombs to the next level with the introduction of “Dark Arts,” a bath bomb inspired by the beloved Harry Potter franchise and has fans and mysticism-loving Gen Zs losing their minds. The slate-colored bath product even boasts a new formula that not only casts your water from black to love-potion pink, but transforms it into a jelly-like texture. The sold-out product serves as an indication of both Gen Z’s obsession with taboo as well as Lush’s product development and marketing genius.


Gen Zs live in a much more diverse world than any generation before them: 72% have friends of a different race, and the US Census Bureau predicts that by 2018, the majority of kids will be non-white or Latino. As such, this group expects the content they consume to reflect the diversity of the world in which they live. Launching this August, TONL is a new subscription-based photo service looking to make stock photography, which mostly features white people, more diverse. TONL creators, Karen Okonkwo and Joshua Kissi, want to challenge stereotypes and attitudes through diverse subjects and photographers and a modern approach to photo creation. When it comes to Gen Zs, if it ain’t “woke” they will fix it.



Ask Lisa

Millennials may have invented social media, but Gen Z is taking it to new heights. Whether they’re on their Snapchat, finstagram, Instagram, or YouTube channels, this savvy generation is creating content as much as they are consuming it and, like brands, want to ensure their engagement stays up. Enter Lisa, a new app that uses AI to recommend which photos users should post on Instagram for maximum engagement, effectively serving as everyone’s personal digital creative director. Users simply upload a series photos they are thinking about posting to Instagram and the app’s algorithm analyzes every detail of the photo to select the one that will likely perform the best, even offering a few hashtag suggestions to further maximize its reach. Given their access to smart apps and AI, it’s no wonder Gen Z feels there is truly no excuse for having an underwhelming feed.

Kristin Castillo