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Everything is Okay

Released on digital storytelling platform, TopicEverything is Okay, is a new dark comedy series starring Cirocco Dunlap (writer for FXX’s Man Seeking Woman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and produced by Inside Amy Schumer’s Dan Powell. Dunlap plays Alice, a neurotic New York City millennial with everyday problems like roommate drama and FOMO with an interesting twist. For instance, the series' first episode explores what happens when Alice orders a robot version of herself to attend events and work when she feels like staying on the couch with takeout and Netflix. The five-part web series is a cross between millennial favorites Broad City and Black Mirror and just as binge-able.

"Oddly Ikea": Ikea ASMR

We’re seeing a growing interest among Gen Zs in autonomous sensory meridian response videos, also known as ASMR. These videos, characterized by soft whispering, quiet repetitive sounds, or mundane tasks (think “satisfying videos”) are meant to give the watcher a tingling sensation in their scalp that spreads throughout their body. Not missing a beat, Swedish retailer IKEA created an ASMR video to showcase their dorm collection. Complete with narration in the quintessential ASMR soft-spoken voice, the video showcases the brand’s bedding, rugs, and dorm essentials and is the perfect example of how to create content that caters to the Gen Z audience.

Music Maps

In order to map the cultural impact of music fandom in the United States, The New York Times utilized YouTube’s geo coded streaming data to create maps that are visually representative of the popularity of Billboard Top 100 artists. Indicated by light (less popular) or dark (more popular), the top 50 watched videos between January 2016 and April 2017 have corresponding maps that showcase where each artist is trending most. For example, Gen Z favorite Migos thrives in Atlanta, while Travis Scott videos hit peak popularity in Southern California. Feel like listening to some tunes while you browse through the maps? Readers can enter any city or ZIP code to receive a custom playlist curated based on that location’s preferences.




Warby Parker Solar Eclipse Glasses

In celebration of the impending and very rare total solar eclipse on August 21st, Warby Parker is handing out free eclipse glasses at select retail stores. Similar to 3-D movie glasses, they are produced by NASA certified company American Paper Optics and adhere to NASA’s guidelines for viewing eclipses safely. For those who can’t make it to a retail location, Warby Parker has created a printable template so that viewers can create their own DIY pinhole projector. Consistent with Warby Parker’s brand mission to provide sharp vision to the world, this free integration allows the nation to enjoy the cross-country celestial spectacle as safely as possible with a clear excuse to put a pair of specs in their carts!

Trips by Lonely Plant

The world’s largest travel book publisher, Lonely Planet, recently released a new iPhone app, Trips by Lonely Planet. Inspired by their Lonely Planet Guides app, Trips is a crowd-sourced version that relies on everyday people’s tips, tricks, and travels rather than expert opinions. Trips turns users into travel guide creators with its simple easy to use tools that allow users to upload photos, add text and maps, headers and more. An Instagram of sorts for travelers, Trips is sure to be a hit with travel-obsessed Millennials looking for travel destinations, photo inspiration, and most of all, a beautiful way to show off their own travels.

Hamilton Lottery

After hearing New Yorkers rave about cultural phenomenon Hamilton all of last year, Los Angelinos were ecstatic to have the Lin Manuel Miranda production come to tinsel town. However, manyHamilton hopefuls were deterred by the high price of tickets and decided they were better off giving the soundtrack another listen on Spotify. But now, the ever “woke” Miranda production is making sure that even those who can’t afford to purchase tickets will get the chance to see it. They’ve launched an official app to host their famous lottery. For every showing, the app will give a few lucky people the chance to see the show at the Pantages for only $10. Bringing the arts to the masses regardless of income, the Hamilton app is yet another reason to love the musical.

Kristin Castillo