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Amandla Stenberg's Guided Meditation

Actress, activist, singer, and NYU Film student Amandla Stenberg, best known for her portrayal as Rue in The Hunger Games, is gracing the September cover of Teen Vogue. The cover girl has also created a meditational video in partnership with the magazine titled “You Are Here.” The video prompts viewers to breathe in and out as they watch scenes of euphoric waves leaving them with the message that they are “here [and] real.” Motivated by the pervasiveness of mental illness in her generation, which she believes stems from political turmoil, violence, and stress related to technology, Stenberg hopes the video she scored, illustrated, and edited herself will serve as a calming resource.

Patagonia Public Lands

Patagonia is taking a stand against the Trump administration’s policies on public land use. In a bold move, the company’s first-ever TV ad doesn’t feature any products, but rather their cofounder, Yvon Chouinar, who emphasizes the importance of public lands and directly calls out Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke. This isn’t the first time the brand has come after Zinke: Patagonia previously published an open letter to the politician in May and before that threatened to sue the White House over an executive order endangering National Monuments. Patagonia’s vocal stand against the Trump administration is proof that brands today can participate in the political conversation and is even something their consumers have come to expect.


VanitySec is the brainchild of a group of self-proclaimed fashionistas in the InfoSec (i.e. digital privacy) community. Relying on posts from their contributors to keep the content flowing, the newly launched site looks like any other woman-centric publication. However, a closer read of the article titles tells a different story. With posts like “Fall Bags to Conceal Your RDF Reader” and “Create Your Own Artwork From Malware,” the site is where beauty and fashion meet Internet security. Filling a niche few knew existed, VanitySec is yet another clever reminder that women are increasingly entering previously male-dominated industries and communities—and doing it in style.




The Startup Club: The BIG Idea

Authors JJ Ramberg and Melanie Staggs recently published The Startup Club: The BIG Idea to educate Gen Alphas and Gen Zs on all things finance. The fictional story centers around two characters, Claire and Janey, who realize they must earn money to spend it and in turn launch a lanyard business. The Startup Club is sure to intrigue money-savvy Gen Zs who are already thinking about their financial futures. Our latest research showed that, unlike their Millennial predecessors, 80% of all Gen Zs have a savings account, and 34% have more than $1000 in it. The book is available on Amazon for just under $10 and is a fun read for entrepreneurial Zs as well as their older counterparts. 


Catering to the modern-day consumer’s lifestyle, Final is fundamentally changing the credit card landscape and allowing users to have more control over their credit cards than ever before. The app-connected credit card assigns a unique virtual card number to each account, meaning that users never have to deal with the pain of updating all of their accounts when they lose their physical card or a card number is compromised. The app also sends users real-time receipts through push notifications for each purchase, thus providing full transparency and the ability to take control immediately if one of their cards has been stolen. Currently available on iOS, Final is reimagining credit and payment processing for Millennials and digital native Gen Zs.

Astronomers Without Borders

Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), an organization dedicated to giving people around the world access to incredible astronomical events, is asking viewers of Monday’s total solar eclipse to wait a beat before tossing their glasses. In anticipation of Monday’s eclipse, AWB gave away 100,000 pairs of viewing glasses and are now trying to recycle as many as possible to redistribute to South America and Asia, continents where there will be another total solar eclipse in 2019. Those interested in the eclipse glasses redistribution program can sign up for their newsletter for updates.

Kristin Castillo