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Humans of New York

We’ve been closely monitoring Facebook’s foray into television for a while now and earlier this month the social network announced their new “Watch” tab–their answer to Snapchat’s “Discover section.” This week they followed up their announcement with the trailer for a new half hour 30-minute documentary series, Humans of New York. Based on the popular photography blog and a subsequent best-selling book of the same name, the 12-episode docu-series from Brandon Stanton–debuting next week–will continue the Humans of New York structure and focus on intimate conversations with strangers in New York City. With over 18 million followers on the platform, it’s no wonder Facebook thought to tap Humans of New York as one of their first series. Here’s to hoping Facebook Watch is a bigger hit than their stories feature.

Burger King Whoppercoin

Burger King Russia is capitalizing on the current hype around crypto currency by releasing 1 billion of their very own crypto coins called Whoppercoin. Like Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, Whoppercoin can be freely traded online using Waves, a digital wallet platform. For every rouble customers spend (59 RUB = $1) they will receive one Whoppercoin. Upon collecting 1,700 Whoppercoins they will be able to trade their coins in for a free whopper. Many have been quick to point out that Whoppercoin is simply a loyalty program disguised as online currency. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most original loyalty programs out there and a low-stakes way for people to dabble in crypto currencies with only a burger at stake.

Disconnect to Continue

Self-proclaimed engineer, artist, and offline advocate, Chris Bolin is generating buzz this week for his powerful statement about the counterproductive nature of always being on–online that is. Bolin created “Disconnect to Continue” a site that can only be viewed when visitors go offline. When they do, they are treated to a two-minute read by Bolin making an argument for going offline for the sake of productivity not because it allows external forces to distract us, but because it allows us to distract ourselves by the infinite options, articles, and answers at our fingertips. The site speaks directly to a trend we’re seeing of people–Millennials in particular–struggling with constant connectivity and finding themselves looking for opportunities to disconnect from technology be it a phone-free retreat or vacation or turning off their wifi for a moment to read a think piece.




Target Wine

Move over Two-Buck Chuck! Target is releasing a new wine label, California Roots, available at all alcohol carrying Target retailers on September 3rd for a very affordable $5 per bottle. Featuring Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Red Blend, the line is vineyard-to-table, carefully crafted with California-grown grapes, and features impeccably designed minimalist yet modern labels sure to appeal to wine-loving Millennials. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and the price slashing that followed means more than ever brands are going to have to come up with innovative ways like this to cater to their Millennial audiences who’s spending habits can best be described as “ballin’ on a budget.” Grab a glass (or two) and cheers to that!

The Walking Dead: Our World

Similar to Pokémon Go but more gruesome, The Walking Dead: Our World app is a location-based augmented reality experience. The app allows players to immerse themselves in the world of the beloved TV series by blending characters and other game elements (aka zombies) with the player’s real life environment. Developed by Finnish studio Next Games, the app uses an ARKit called ARPointCloud that lets developers hide objects in the AR environment and reveal them at certain points of the game. Scheduled for release sometime in the future on both iOS and Android, this app is just the type of immersive experience The Walking Dead fans are craving as they eagerly await the next season.

Women's Equality Bazaar

Located in New York City, the Canal Street Market hosted a pop-up store this past weekend in honor of #WomensEqualityDay. Appropriately titled the Women’s Equality Bazaar, the pop-up offered a collection of free books about female artists such as Diane Arbus, Georgia O’Keeffe and more. With the goal of inspiring women through sharing female art and stories, Grace Clarke director of an NYC PR firm and Dasha Faires, creative director of Canal Street Market, reached out to publishers and second-hand stores to find the books they gathered and gave away for a good cause. In addition to feminist books, the pop-up also offered clothing and other assorted goods with proceeds going directly to Global Goods, a New York based non-profit that will fund scholarships for Guatemalan girls ages 6 to 18.

Kristin Castillo