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The Trendera Files: The Future Of

Our favorite report of the year is here! In fact, we love it so much that we’re making it the theme of our newsletter this week. The 2018 edition of The Trendera Files: The Future Of is packed from cover to cover with our newest macro and micro trends, favorite marketing campaigns, and curated roundups of who, what, and where is on the rise. We’re also keeping tradition with our latest survey results, comparing nationally representative respondents to those who live in coastal cities. Highlighting the most significant shifts in lifestyle, gender, influence, entertainment, social media, technology, fashion, retail, marketing, and work this year, The Trendera Files: The Future Of is designed to empower you to make 2018 one of the best years yet—for yourself, your company, and your consumers. Check out a sample here or email us at for more information.


KFC's Comfort Zone

In the latest Trendera Files report, we dive deep into what we’re calling “The Age of Anxiety,” the mental health epidemic plaguing consumers of all ages, but Gen Zs in particular. With the National Institute of Mental Health reporting that almost one-third of adolescents and adults are affected by anxiety, they are flocking to products, services, and brands that help them cope. Enter KFC’s Comfort Zone campaign: Designed to relax viewers while also convincing them to stop by KFC for a Chicken Pot Pie, each of the six branded videos features trippy psychedelic graphics and hypnotic narration. Whether it’s comfort food, comfort tech, or comfort content, consumers are looking for peace of mind wherever they can get it.




Urban Sophistication

Worn by the likes of the Kardashians, Jenners, and Hadids, clothing brand Urban Sophistication has launched a new collection named “SCREENSHOTS” that speaks to the dark side of social media. Featuring hoodies, sweatshirts, and phone cases anointed with slogans such as “Social Media seriously harms your mental health,” the line likens social media to smoking by alluding to the infamous warnings found on cigarette packaging. Having grown up on these platforms, Gen Zs think little of the enormous role social media plays in their day-to-day despite the growing number of studies showing how it contributes to anxiety, depression, and even suicide. With more signs pointing to social media becoming a harmful addiction, our report further explores how 2018 may be the year when social media, and our relationship with it, could change forever.

The Year Ahead: Your Consumer in 2018

If you’re looking to get the pulse on where people today are at and where they’re going, look no further. In addition to the full January report, which is available to subscription clients only, we’re excited to announce our first-ever consumer digest, now available to everyone! With so much changing in the world, we wanted to offer more readers a quick glimpse at what is happening in consumers’ worlds. We surveyed over 1600 people ranging from 8 to 50 years old to see what was on their minds, from their hopes, dreams, and preferences to the notable differences between consumers by generation and geography. This consumer digest also offers words straight from the mouths of three generations of consumers, ranging from the rural heartland to the cosmopolitan coasts. Trendera Files report subscribers will be receiving complimentary copies direct to their inboxes next week, but newsletter subscribers can purchase their digital copy on our website—be sure to use the code FUTURE for 25% off for a limited time!



WhatsApp Business

In hopes of catering to small businesses, brands, and influencers, social networks are coming up with new and creative ways to help them connect with their audiences more effectively. WhatsApp recently launched a separate app, WhatsApp Business, with this very strategy in mind. The new version of the messaging app makes it easier than ever for businesses to chat with customers without having to message them from a personal account. Similarly, Facebook has launched their own standalone app exclusively for influencers, complete with tools for content creation and community outreach. For more on how social networks are keeping up with the demand for self-branding and seamless online interactions, be sure to check out the Social Media section of the report.


Spotify's Adoptify

As Millennials continue to invest more time, energy, and money into their pets (a.k.a. practice children) than any generation before, we’ve seen a sharp increase in campaigns and products with their furry friends in mind. This week, Spotify teamed up with agency Serviceplan to create Adoptify, a website that features dogs available for adoption in Munich, Germany. The twist? Dogs are listed with their music preferences so that consumers can pick a pup that shares the same taste. For example, an adorable French bulldog puppy named Ray loves electro, while Gloria, a Pinscher, prefers hip-hop. We expect even more brands to become pet-obsessed in 2018, and additional examples of this trend in action can be found in—you guessed it—The Trendera Files: The Future Of.


Kristin Castillo