Shazam for Shopping




Fab Fit Fun

In a recent Trendera survey, 29% of Gen Zs say they’d prefer to hear from a brand on Facebook and in our latest report, 32% say they watch more online videos compared to a year ago. Merging these two insights perfectly is women’s subscription box and media company Fab Fit Fun. Coinciding with the launch of their latest seasonal box, the company has started a two-week long Facebook Live campaign. The live show schedule includes a variety of Fall essential hacks such as dry brushing 101, DIY front door wreaths, and even a game show viewers can call into for the chance to win products and shopping credits. Be sure to tune in from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PST every day before the campaign wraps up on Friday, October 5th.

Snapchat x Amazon

In response to Instagram’s ever-growing set of shopping tools, Snapchat is launching its own features to increase shop-ability within the app. The new feature would allow users to simply open the app and point the camera at an item or barcode. Within seconds, the Amazon-enabled tool will identify the product and provide a link to purchase it on Amazon. While Instagram’s shopping features make users’ feeds shoppable via links embedded in the content they are served, Snapchat’s shopping features would make the whole world shoppable. Not only could this partnership provide a much-needed boost to Snapchat’s dwindling usage numbers, it also has potential to increase Amazon’s fashion department which, according to our Consumer Habits & Spending report, 22% of consumers are already using to shop for clothes.

Adult Swim Festival

In our latest trend report we talk about the importance of off-screen extras: immersive activities or products that connect fans to shows during seasonal breaks. No stranger to this is Adult Swim, which has released limited-edition runs of Szechuan Sauce as well as a 26-song soundtrack for its cult favorite show, Rick and Morty. Now taking this idea one step further, the network is launching their very first Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles on October 5th. The festival will feature over 24 hours of live entertainment including a musical performance by Flying Lotus in 3D, comedian Hannibal Buress, a Dream Corp, LLC virtual reality world, and a Rick & Morty Musical Ricksperience featuring a 37-piece orchestra. With some fans previously trading in their cars for a single packet of Szechuan sauce, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do for this one of a kind off-screen extra.




Gap’s Hill City

Trendera’s recent study on Modern Masculinity found that while 43% of men were insecure about their physical appearance only 13% said the same about their fashion sense. Between the popularity of luxury streetwear, the rise of the “softboy,” and the Fab Five dispensing fashion advice on Queer Eye, the stereotype that men are hopeless when it comes to personal style is so last season. However, they are still in some ways an underserved market, especially when it comes to athleisure. While brands like Lululemon, Fabletics, and Lorna Jane have cornered the market for female active-meets-lounge-meets-running-errands-wear, few comparable brands exist for men. Hill City is here to bridge the gap, offering a line of clothing for men that tows the line between work and play while prioritizing comfort and style. Launching this October under the GAP umbrella, Hill City’s versatility reflects the many facets of modern masculinity as it allows wearers to seamlessly transition from Dad duty, to the gym, to the grocery store, and everywhere in-between.


You no longer need to be a social media superstar to turn influence into profit. Wildlink, a new app from former eBay executive Jordan Glazier, allows everyday consumers to bring in a little cash for recommending products on social media and via email. Once downloaded, the app automatically detects digital recommendations on a user’s phone or desktop and, if a purchase is made due to their recommendation, they receive commission ranging anywhere from 5% to 25%. Getting back to the original definition of influencer, one who actually influences the decisions, purchases, and style of those around them, Wildlink represents the growing concern over the effectiveness of influencer marketing. While posts from top-tier influencers can lead to sales, they come with hefty price tags and no guarantees. Rather than paying for eyeballs, Wildlink allows brands to put their money where it is sure to impact the bottom line because, while likes and comments may be an influencer’s bread and butter, brands are more concerned with the bottom line.

Pride Train

Launched by Thomas Shim, Jack Welles, and Ezequiel Consoli in 2017, the Pride Train campaign celebrated pride month with posters in the NY subway system condemning “bigotry, hatred, and prejudice.” This month, they are at it again this time in an effort to combat racially-motivated violence. Like the ordinal campaign posters, these were made to blend in resembling the MTA’s branding and aesthetic. Although they may look like any other sign in the subway, the fine print tells a different story. Each poster provides a detailed account of hate crimes committed against a person of color at that very location and ends with a call to action urging New Yorkers to help make sure said crime was “the last time hate stops at this station.” Proving protest is here to stay–and get more creative–this campaign is the latest in the trend of the New York subway system as a hub for protest.

Kristin Castillo