Cuffing Season Has Commenced




ET Live

CBS is going after cord-cutters with their latest offering, ET Live. Perfect for viewers looking to track the world of celebrity relationships this cuffing season (the cold months of winter were people are prone to coupling up), the new platform promises to cover nothing but entertainment and celebrity news. Created in partnership with the company’s TV show and news magazine, “Entertainment Tonight,” the digital channel will be home to a rotating schedule of entertainment news, interviews, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and red-carpet coverage. CBS also announced that viewers can expect ET Live to bring them fresh original programming and a slew of new hosts. Available through both a dedicated website and the ET Live app on mobile, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire, ET Live could be just what the network needs to reach a younger demo.

Cesar Twinning

For those who think dogs make the best cuddle buddies, Mars-owned dog food brand Cesar has the perfect seasonal sweater designed by dogs themselves. To turn K9s into designers, the brand created a doggy obstacle course with a high-tech twist. At each station, the dog’s performance determined an aspect of their sweater’s design. For instance, the speed at which they went through the tunnel determined the color while their bark’s sound waves determined the stitching on the sleeves. The end result is a line of three different sweaters designed by dogs themselves with an accompanying human version to match. Pet parents looking to get their hands on a set can enter to win via their sweepstakes.

The Sex Ed

Filmmaker Liz Goldwyn has launched The Sex Ed, a platform brimming with resources on all things related to sex and health. With a mission to publish inclusive, cross-cultural, and academic content, the platform provides support and information on a number of taboo subjects such as period sex and sex toy safety. From doulas to sex therapists to sex workers, each article is written by a self-proclaimed “sexpert” with over 10,000 hours of experience in their respective field. In addition, the platform runs the #FirstPerson Op-Ed style podcast series that covers a range of voices sharing stories about their first sexual experience to provide a space where individuals can be vulnerable and readers can find solace in discussions that are often times kept private. As more and more Gen Zs look to the internet for sex advice, this open and honest digital resource is the perfect guide to help them navigate the confusing world of modern relationships.





Now that everyone is mentally prepared for cuffing season, Hims is looking to make sure people are physically prepared as well. Almost exactly a year ago, Hims debuted its groundbreaking service that delivers health and wellness products like condoms, Viagra, and anti-hair loss medication right to customer’s doors. Now, the brand is launching Hers, a similar service for women. Hers provides customers with products for healthy hair, skin, and sex, including hair growth gummies, medical grade skin-carebirth control, and even a libido booster for females. By providing online consultations at checkout on their website, Hers allows customers to gain access to these prescription products as easy as they can everything else. As Millennials and Gen Zs get used to having what they want when they want it, Hims and Hers are just the beginning for how these generations will disrupt the healthcare and wellness industries.


Already cuffed? New app XConfessions is helping Millennials explore their sexuality. Designed by indie erotic filmmaker Erica Lust, the app presents couples with hundreds of fantasies and kinks dependent on a user’s gender, sexuality, and type of relationship that couples can swipe through together or alone. Like Tinder, when a kink peaks both a user and their partner’s interest, a match occurs. From there it’s up to the couple to make the kink happen offline. Stressing that communication and consent are key, the app replaces the uncomfortable and awkward stigma surrounding kinks and creates a safe space where partners can communicate without fear and embarrassment about their needs.

Museum Of Voting

According to the Pew Research Center, only 51% of Millennials voted in the 2016 presidential election compared to 63% of Gen Xers and 69% of Boomers. Shedding light on this issue, creative agency Gold Front created a video and dedicated website for the Museum of Voting, an Instagrammable pop up experience (think Museum of Ice Cream and Happy Place) where one can “experience the thrill of democracy.” However, in reality, the museum was merely a spoof that directed interested parties to their nearest voting location. Despite not delivering a true Instagrammable experience, the Museum of Voting showcases the importance of the Instagram Effect, a trend where brands attract foot traffic by creating unique experiences with post-worthy photo ops. While exaggerated, the video points out that slacktivist Millennials who are called out for being too busy DJ’ing or attending brunch to vote need to hit the polls and does a good job in tapping into pop culture to make more votes happen.

Kristin Castillo