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Making the rounds online this week is a short documentary titled Harvest, which chronicles the day-to-day life of a woman named Jenni. The story is narrated by Jenni’s cell phone voiced by a monotone, whisper-talking man. What first seems like an innocuous look at our co-dependent relationship with technology takes a darker turn as the video highlights just how much information our cell phones disclose about our whereabouts, our families, and our habits. Perhaps even more chilling are the statistics at the end of the eleven-minute film revealing that Jenni’s phone legally shared her GPS coordinates with third parties over three thousand times in just one week.


Pornhub's F*ck Your Period

Taking a cue from popular culture, Pornhub is catering to the female consumer with their latest campaign, “F*ck Your Period.” The adult entertainment site, whose previous design clearly aimed to target men, now offers female users an entirely new experience, from a landing page with a revamped color palette and empowering graphics to an educational component detailing how “self-love” can boost mood, relieve stress, and even decrease cramps during that time of the month. Upon visiting the site, women are asked a few questions about their periods, which Pornhub uses to send them an email on the first day of their cycle, allowing them access to three days of premium content for free. While other brands have been lambasted for creating a dedicated product for women (anyone remember BIC pens for her?) Pornhub’s efforts to challenge gender stereotypes feel fresh and relevant.




Cheese Tea

Move over matcha; hello cheese tea! Little Fluffy Head, a new café in Downtown Los Angeles, has been gaining traction thanks to this new and unique offering, which fortunately is not at all what it sounds like. Originating in Taiwan and taking off in China, cheese tea is a decadent mixture of milk, sugar, whipped cream, and cream cheese that is poured over hot tea. Owner Jenny Zheng describes the blend as a soul-warming comfort food that is high in antioxidants yet has less caffeine than coffee. With menu items like Dirty Mess Milk Tea and Premium Lychee Oolong being as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious, these frothy concoctions are out to dominate Instagram and the rest of the western world.

BITE Astrology Lipstick

While Millennials continue to obsess over their horoscopes, brands are creating products that ensure their stars are aligned. BITE, Sephora’s exclusive, all-natural lipstick brand, is leading the pack in the celestial space. The brand recently dropped a limited-edition collection of its cult-favorite lipsticks, which includes a new shade for each sign of the zodiac. One new lipstick will be released every month to coincide with the sign’s star season, with the first shade being a modern berry tone for Aquarius, whose season began on January 20th. By incorporating astrology directly into their products, BITE is capturing the attention of starry-eyed Millennials and sure to inspire more astrological offerings going forward.





Instagram may be the place where people post their highlight reels, but new app Huddle is looking to do just the opposite. Hoping to assist Millennials with the struggles often caused by other social platforms, the inclusive and judgement-free app provides a comfortable space for people to truly connect without the stigmas faced on more mainstream platforms. Allowing users to expose their true identities, which they often hide to appear more perfect in the digital age, users join support groups and chat with others about depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, and a wide array of other topics. Viewers can also choose to remain anonymous by recording videos through a pixelated camera feature. While identity in the digital age is complex and often overwhelming, Huddle might just be the outlet that allows Millennials to explore their truest selves.


Destination Pride

Non-profit PFLAG Canada recently debuted Destination Pride, a creative tool for travelers in the LGBTQ+ community that scores cities around the world based on their tolerance and acceptance. The site gives each city a score from 0-100 based on six categories: Marriage Equality, Sexual Activity Laws, Gender Identity Protections, Anti-Discrimination Laws, Civil Rights & Liberties, and Social Media Sentiment. Each category corresponds to a color on the iconic Pride Flag; the more progressive a city is, the more complete the flag. The site also features videos of people sharing their first-hand travel experiences for a more personal touch. Not only does this campaign make it easy for people to choose a place for their next vacation, it shines a light on the challenges LGBTQ members face on a global scale.


Kristin Castillo