Coolest KITH on the block


The Day I Got Microchipped

Despite growing concerns about humanity’s dependence on technology, a select community of tech-obsessed innovators are wholeheartedly embracing technological enhancement, going so far as implanting it into their own bodies. Wisconsin-based software company Three Square Market is experimenting with popular radio frequency ID (RFID) chips, which they are implanting into willing employees. Supposedly, the chips aren’t meant to track employees’ every move, but rather to provide a more cohesive work experience, allowing employees to open doors, send texts, enter passwords, and even make credit card payments all with a quick swipe of the hand. In this short spot, Fast Company sends a correspondent to try it out for himself and decide whether he wants to keep the chip or remove it at the end of the day. Be sure to check it out—you may be surprised at the ending!


Coach Dating

Netflix’s hit sci-fi horror show Black Mirror released its much-anticipated fourth season at the end of last year, but it continues to stay top of mind in 2018. One of the season’s most popular episodes, “Hang the DJ”, centers around a fictional dating app named Coach, which assigns singles to relationships with a predetermined end-date to gather compatibility information. Since Black Mirror loves playing off of how realistic some of its storylines are (see their New Years video or their autonomous vehicle Tweet), the show has cleverly brought the “Coach Dating” app to life as a marketing stunt. Users simply go to the online app, receive their custom link, and send it to their significant other to get Coach’s prediction for how long the relationship will last. Created as a fun tie-in to the episode, Coach Dating drives home that Black Mirror’s terrifying technology-reliant future is not far away.




Millennials are Screwed

Scorned for their outlandish spending on avocado toast, Millennials have gotten a bad rap when it comes to their finances—but is that really where all their money is going? Frustrated Millennial writer Michael Hobbes dispels this and many other Millennial spending myths in “Millennials Are Screwed,” an interactive piece for The Huffington Post’s digital magazine, Highline. Hobbes unpacks why his entire generation is struggling to survive financially, let alone achieve upward mobility. With a slew of depressing statistics (for example, Millennials have 300% more student debt than their parents), raw interviews that detail the struggles many Americans face around the country, and stunning UX/UI design, the educational piece paints a powerful picture of the truth: Millennials aren’t just being whiny and entitled; they are a systematically disadvantaged generation that may never be able to afford a house, a nice car, or the lifestyle they were brought up to envision, avocado toast and all.

KITH Los Angeles

Cult streetwear brand KITH is officially one of the coolest kids on the block with the recent opening of their fourth flagship store on LA’s Sunset Boulevard. Designed by Ronnie Fieg, the clothing brand has developed a major following thanks to Instagram influencers and its impressive collaborations with Coca-Cola, Nike, and other large brands. As could be expected, the brick-and-mortar store’s opening weekend was one for the books: Just in time for NBA All-Star Weekend, basketball legend and KITH collaborator LeBron James was on hand to commemorate the launch of his new collection. In addition to trendy kicks and threads available for purchase, the space also featured a branded cereal bar serving up signature concoctions like the “Bam Bam,” a combination named by rapper Action Bronson that includes Rice Krispies, Cookie Crisps, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms Marshmallows, Kit Kats, Oreos, Snickers, and granola. The multipurpose space is sure to remain a hit with sneaker heads and foodies alike.




Known by most for his 2005 hit “Ridin’,” rapper Chamillionaire has been successfully riding his way into tech for quite some time. At this year’s 2018 Upfront Summit in Los Angeles, Chamillionaire unveiled his new free iOs app, Convoz. The mobile video app is built to be a platform where users can converse face-to-face with others who have common interests. Users upload 15-second video clips in which they share what’s on their minds and respond to one another. With celeb users like Trey Songz, Shaq, Snoop Dogg, and even a cameo from Beyoncé, we’re sure video-loving Gen Zs and authenticity-hungry Millennials will be quick to download.



The buzzed about film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri swept the Golden Globes and is now inciting protests around the globe in an unexpected way. In response to the deadly fire last June at public housing facility Grenfell Towers in London, community organization Justice4Grenfell and BBH Labs borrowed the same advertising tactics used by the film by purchasing three billboards that read: “Seventy-one dead” “And still no arrests?” “How come?” Activists drove the billboards around town before parking in front of the complex where survivors and community leaders gave speeches. We give Justice4Grenfell major props for showcasing the power of advertising to promote social justice.


Kristin Castillo