Hey, it's your FBI agent!


To Our Daughter

After months of silence, Kylie Jenner sent social media ablaze Sunday when she announced the birth of her daughter and finally put speculation around her pregnancy to rest. Unlike other parts of her life, which are broadcasted to the masses, Jenner chose to keep her pregnancy private, forgoing social media almost entirely. Because fans haven’t been able to keep up with the mogul for some time, she offered an eleven-minute video that intimately documents her journey. Striking the delicate balance between transparency and privacy in a way only a Gen Z as savvy as Jenner can, To Our Daughter could be to video-loving Gen Zs what gender reveal parties and wedding videos are to Millennials: a whole new genre of content born from social media obsession.


Super Bowl Ads

When it comes to the Super Bowl, we must admit that we care more about the commercial breaks than the score, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites from last weekend’s advertising extravaganza. The clear winner of “best ad” overall goes to Tide, which tapped Chief Hopper, a.k.a. David Harbour of Netflix’s Stranger Things, to create a mega ad spoofing past iconic Super Bowl ads from brands such as Old Spice, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, Doritos and Mountain Dew teamed up to stage an outrageous rap battle between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman, with Dinklage “#spittingfire” lip-syncing to Busta Rhymes and eating Doritos before being countered by Freeman doing the same to Missy Elliot in an “#icecold” response. Finally, Netflix gave the heavily promoted post-game NBC shows a run for their money by surprise dropping for the first time their new movie, Cloverfield Paradox. The common theme between the three? In addition to grabbing attention when they originally aired, each spot leveraged internet culture to be meme-worthy, hashtag-ready, and quotable, keeping them relevant long after the final touchdown.




Will You Meme My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and the National Retail Federation reports that 55% of Americans plan on celebrating. While older generations are more likely to stick with tried-and-true flowers and chocolate, Gen Ys and Zs are looking for something a bit more Insta-worthy, like G. Card’sWill You Meme My Valentine?” card pack. Bridging the gap between digital and material, the holiday-themed booklet combines some of the internet’s most classic memes with festive messages that are sure to spread the love to friends, partners, and Tinder dates alike. After all, nothing screams romance in the modern era like cartoon renderings of Success Kid, Grumpy Cat, and Doge.

FBI Memes

If you use Instagram, you’ve likely received an ad that was so creepily accurate it made you wonder whether someone (or something) was watching you. Being some of the most dedicated social media users, Gen Zs have not only noticed this scary scenario, they’ve embraced it in full force by creating hilarious memes about their very own personal FBI agent who keeps tabs on their selfies, Google searches, and online dating history. In one viral meme, a kid opens their laptop with the intention of completing their homework but, to the disappointment of their FBI agent, ends up on Netflix. Originating from real-life surveillance cases that have led even Mark Zuckerberg to cover his webcam, the internet’s recent explosion of FBI memes showcases both Gen Z’s awareness of the intricate tech privacy issues facing our society and their unwillingness to let it change their online habits.



Die With Me

We all know how seeing the iPhone’s 5% battery warning can trigger instant anxiety, but new app Die With Me is giving people a way to try to enjoy those final few minutes. The app only functions when a user’s phone is at 5% or lower, after which they can anonymously log into the simple ‘90s-esque chat room with a self-created username and their battery percentage displayed next to it. Then, users converse with others facing the same predicament until their phone’s ultimate demise. Neither a game nor social platform, the 99-cent app is artist Dries Depoorters’ latest project that offers a fleeting moment of connection before being ultimately left alone. While we don’t foresee it topping the app store charts, the existential app leaves users with a timely and interesting prompt: how would you like to spend your last few minutes with technology?


Breaking News: Black Excellence is at an All Time High

Because of Them We Can” is a photo campaign turned online community devoted to educating and celebrating young Black children. In honor of Black History Month, the group created a heartwarming video showcasing some of the recent achievements by prominent figures within this community. Styled as a CNN news update and starring children as the anchors, the spot adorably reports on Serena Williams winning the Australian Open while 8 weeks pregnant, Dapper Dan opening a Gucci store in Harlem, comedy film Girls Trip breaking box office records, and more. Finally, some news with an inspiring and empowering conclusion: “Black Excellence Is At An All Time High.”


Kristin Castillo