Can You Pass AP Vine?




Kelela's "Frontline"

This week African American singer Kelela stunned everyone by taking a page out of Lil Miquela’s book and creating a CGI version of herself to star in the music video for her new song, “Frontline.” The powerful video tells a sad and complex story of Kelela’s ex-boyfriend cheating on, and eventually leaving her for, a white woman. Viewers can watch crucial moments in the relationship play out in CGI, ending with the animated Kelela leaving her ex and driving off with her hair blowing in the wind. While CGI characters are certainly not new (who could forget the Sims), they have gained even more relevance among intimacy-challenged Gen Zs, who are using the technology to help them explore their emotional sides. 


Not to be outdone by the Academy Awards, fast food company Carl’s Jr. created an awards ceremony all their own. Billed as “a social media award show experience,” #TheThickies are a Twitter-based celebration of Carl’s Jr’s customers and followers. Named in honor of the brand’s Thickburgers, the show’s award categories include “Best DM,” “Best Food Review,” and even “Best Hater.” Crowning winners on Oscar Sunday in a hilariously self-aware tweet storm, the stunt quickly went meta with’s Captain Obvious Twitter giving #TheThickies an award for the “Best Fake Award Show Happening on Twitter Right Now.” While we don’t see A-listers chomping at the bit for a “Thickie” anytime soon, we have to admit that a social media awards show isn’t a bad idea…

AP Vine Exam

Despite the death of Vine in 2017, Vine culture is still very much relevant among teens, many of whom rely on old compilations for Internet-breaking GIFS and memes. Gen Z Twitter user @hayleyroettger recently went viral when her friend challenged her to prove she was “Vine cultured” with a homemade AP Vine Exam. Complete with 43 multiple-choice questions and a number of free responses, the test shows just how much Zs love Vine despite it no longer being around (for now). For those looking to test their own Vine knowledge, New York Magazine has adapted it into a BuzzFeed-style online quiz, but our bet is that anyone over the age of 20 has a better chance at passing an actual AP exam.




Walmart's Meal Kits

According to Walmart, 80% of Americans don’t know what they’re having for dinner by 4PM, so the super store is stepping in with a solution. Taking a cue from Blue ApronHello Fresh, and other pre-portioned ingredient meal services, Walmart is rolling out meal kits in 2,000 stores and online via its Grocery Pickup service. The move is rumored to be a response to Amazon’s meal kit, Amazon Fresh and follows last year’s push to include meal kits from services like Takeout Kit and Home Chef in stores. Where Wal-Mart’s kits differ from competitors, however, is they do not require a subscription, making it the best option for consumers craving flexibility as well as delicious dinner.


Watch out Spotify! Mubert is a free iOS app and web-based streaming service that utilizes AI algorithms to create original, individualized music for every listener. Once users visit the site, they can have music curated by activity (work, studying, being creative) or select from a number of genres such as ambient, deephouse, liquidfunk, chillstep, psytrance, and trap. The site then delivers one of a kind melodies that are endless and generated in real-time. Perhaps the first foray into truly customized curation, this is an easy alternative for Millennials who want something that is literally made just for them.

Lyft x #MarchForOurLives

Lyft made a powerful statement over the weekend with a letter to the students of Stoneman High School, which was infamously affected by the recent tragic shooting on campus. In the letter, signed by co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer, the company pledged their support and encouragement of the students rallying for stricter gun laws, who have shown just how effectively Gen Zs can be at using their influence to affect change by organizing the nationwide “March For Our Lives” rally on March 24th. To put their money where their pink mustache is, the company is offering free rides to and from the rally via the Lyft app.

Kristin Castillo