What's a Migos?




Elders React to Migos

As part of their award-winning “REACT” video series, YouTube channel FBE recently released “Elders React to Migos.” The premise is simple: elderly viewers sit in front of a laptop and respond to a series of music videos from chart-topping rap group Migos. Predictably, most were unfamiliar with Migos and were quick to note the ubiquity of modern rap video staples like cars, money, and scantily clad women. Overall their reactions were hilariously mixed, ranging from an enthusiastic “I’m into this s**t!” to a confused “Did he make all this money from playing Mahjong?” In the end, all seemed to agree that though this music wasn’t for them, they recognized the parallels to the music of their own youth that their elders didn’t understand.

Yeezy Season 6

The lack of an Instagram presence didn’t stop Kanye West from doing an Instagram takeover of New York City. A few weeks ago, we applauded the initial marketing debut of West’s much-hyped Yeezy Season 6 collection, which featured an army of top Instagram influencers dressed as Kim Kardashian clones. This week, the brand is back at it again, generating nationwide buzz with a series of well-placed ads everywhere, from Times Square to the New York Subway. The Insta-inspired campaign features screenshots from numerous Kim K clones, complete with real comments that emphasize how loved the brand is. Love them or hate them, Kim and Kanye are a power couple adept at understanding how to reach the Instagram generation both online and off.

Strange Bird

Audiophiles, get ready! The Guardian’s US mobile innovation lab has launched Strange Bird, a new series by Mona Chalabi examining the role numbers play in people’s lives, from birth order to religious rituals. Even more intriguing is that the podcast is hosted on The Guardian’s new immersive web-based audio player. Designed to experiment with multilayered storytelling as well as deliver news specifically formatted for mobile screens, the player sends listeners relevant photographs, charts, gifs, and links in a chat to enhance their informational experience. For example, while Strange Bird examines hard to unpack subjects like miscarriage and sibling rivalry through conversation, the platform simultaneously sends educational visuals to help listeners better digest and understand the topic. Serving listeners a new audio-visual experience, podcast loving Millennials are sure to flock to this format.




Soko Glam

It’s no secret that Korean Skincare (also known as K-beauty) has grown from having a cult following to becoming a major mainstream player in the beauty industry, which is why the new Soko Glam popup in NYC couldn’t have come at a better time. The beloved K-beauty retailer focuses heavily on education with their clever named “Klog” (K-beauty blog) and SoHo “Mini Shop,” which not only highlights products but also hosts events and how-to sessions to ensure customers get the most out of their skincare and cosmetic regimens. Beauty buffs on the hunt for their new favorite import can check out the store (in person and online) for a highly-curated selection of some of K-beauty’s greatest hits, including Enature’s Moringa cleansing balmKlavuu’s new pearl-based line, and the ever-popular snail masks.


We’ve long known that social media users revolt the second an app changes on them—Snapchat lost an estimated $1.3 billion after their ill-received update while Instagram faces increasing complaints about invasive advertisements and algorithm adjustments. New social media platform Vero may just be the antidote, taking into account the top complaints about its predecessors to provide a superior social media experience. The photo-sharing app has a strictly chronological feed, no ads, and a clear privacy policy, so brands can neither pay to boost their posts in feeds nor receive user information to advertise to them. Though the app was released in 2015, it has only recently surged in popularity due to people’s frustrations with Instagram’s January update, garnering more than 500,000 users in 24 hours in the U.S. just this week. Because Vero intentionally sets itself apart in ways that are extremely important to social media users, we think it could very well be an app that gives the more established platforms a run for their money.

Debt for Dolphins

Tropical island nation Seychelles may be a perennial hit with honeymooners, but it is facing two major problems: massive debt and a decline in its dolphin population. In the first ever attempt of its kind, LA-based nonprofit The Nature Conservancy successfully assisted Seychelles in negotiating a deal with the U.K., France, Belgium, and Italy to forgive almost half of the nation’s debt in exchange for marine protection. Thanks to the new deal, Seychelles’ forgiven funds ($12 million to be exact) are now being used to establish two new protected marine reserves that span 81,000 square miles. The creative, unprecedented initiative will save some of the world’s most endangered marine life and support the nation’s fishing and tourism industry for years to come.

Kristin Castillo