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WWF #toolatergram

The WWF Foundation wants to get people to care more about the environment, even if only for the ‘gram. To illustrate the severity of the impact humans are having on nature, WWF’s #toolatergram campaign tapped 9 top travel influencers, who each posted stunning shots of once picturesque locales only to later reveal what those places look like now: trash-filled beaches, dying coral beds, destroyed rainforests, and more. The campaign video showcases the bait-and-switch tactic was effective for followers who, before realizing these places no longer existed, expressed how beautiful the images were and their interest in visiting themselves.

Vice's Weed Week

VICELAND is celebrating 4/20 with its second annual “Weed Week,” a marathon of weed-infused content that began on the 16th and culminates on the 20th. In addition to showing reruns of “stoner movies” like Austin Powers and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the platform is also holding marathons of its own content including Bong Appétit, a cannabis cooking show, Weediquette, a pot-centric documentary series, and more. Audiences will even get a sneak peek into upcoming seasons of VICELAND series like F*ck That’s Delicious with rapper and food connoisseur Action BronsonMost Expensivest with 2 Chainz, and a brand-new episode of Party Legends, which will feature artist Rich Homie Quan, actor Matt Walsh, and rapper Bushwick Bill discussing their wildest experiences while stoned.


Combining luxury with sustainability, Celsious is a Brooklyn-based laundromat making laundry chic. Founded by sisters Theresa and Corinna Williams, the eco-friendly space bills itself as a “spa for clothing” and aims to give patrons a premium experience while crossing chores off their list. Elevating the experience even further are Celsious-provided laundry care specialists, on hand to advise how to best care for garments and remove pesky stains. The aesthetically-pleasing environment not only includes a laundromat with high-powered machines and complimentary, toxin-free detergent from The Laundry Co., but also offers free Wi-Fi and a trendy organic café where users can purchase coffee drinks, turmeric lattes, or bone broth while they wait. Turning laundry into loads of fun, the sustainable concept is already a hit with Brooklynites and we hope the duo will take Celsious nationwide.




H&M Conscious Collection

In addition to knocking off designers and providing poor working conditions, fast fashion is also notoriously bad for the environment, creating tons of waste during both production and when it’s inevitably discarded a few wears later. In the past few years H&M has been looking to do its part to curb these negative side effects with various initiatives, such as publishing a list of their suppliers, monitoring factory conditions, and releasing their sustainability report. Most recently, the brand has created the Conscious Collection, an eco-friendly line of clothing. Partnering with supermodel Christy Turlington, the newest collection features pieces made from Econyl, a 100% reclaimed nylon fiber made from nylon waste like fishnets. Launching April 19th in select stores, H&M’s Conscious Collection makes the perfect Earth Day #OOTD.


Pokémon GO

Though not the fad it once was, reports suggest that Pokémon GO still has millions of monthly users and is putting them to work for Earth Day (April 22nd). The app has partnered with local nonprofit organizations worldwide to organize players to pick up trash in natural areas at clean-up events and will unlock rewards based on how many people attend. For example, if 1,500 people attend, Pokémon GO will unlock 2x catch Stardust for ground-, water-, and grass-type Pokémon, but if 3,000 or more attend, that jumps to 3x catch Stardust (while that may not mean anything to non-players, to Pokémon enthusiasts it’s a big deal as Stardust is a valuable currency on the app). Here’s hoping players get out there and catch them all–the trash that is.

Pollution Pods

Artist Michael Pinsky’s latest installation at London’s Somerset House is bringing awareness to the worldwide air pollution problem. In partnership with Airlabs’ atmospheric chemistry experts onPollution Pods, Pinksy’s exhibit will allow visitors to experience exactly what the pollution is like in 5 major cities, from the relatively clean air of Tautra, Norway to the highly polluted air of New Dehli, as well as London, Beijing, and Sāo Paulo by actually breathing it in for themselves. The dome-like structures also include infographics detailing the air quality of each location. Representing the global nature of environmental issues, the Pollution Pods truly paint a complete picture of what people in these cities face daily.

Kristin Castillo