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Sinclair Propaganda Compilation

Sinclair, a media conglomerate that owns a large number of America’s local news outlets, is in hot water this week over propaganda allegations. Though Sinclair has been under fire from critics like late night host John Oliver for a while now, recent compilation videos from ThinkProgress, and an even more troubling one from Deadspin have the internet in an uproar. Deadspin’s video, “Sinclair’s Soldiers in Trumps War on Social Media,” cuts together footage from dozens of local news outlets reading from the same script, painting the already problematic company as even more Orwellian. Post 2016 presidential election, people have realized that they can’t always trust their favorite news outlets to give them unbiased information and this video is adding to and validating that distrust.


Wendy's Mixtape We Beefin?

Fast food chain Wendy’s won April Fool’s day this year by venturing into the music landscape. The brand dropped We Beefin?, a ten-minute-long five track mixtape with titles like “Rest in Grease” and “Twitter Fingers.” Rapped by a female (is it Wendy?), the lyrics take shots at competitors like Burger King and Wingstop, and throw shade at the seemingly always broken McDonald’s ice cream machine. Fans of the admittedly niche fast food rap genre will remember Hamburger Helper’s similar stunt from 2016. While Hamburger Helper released their mixtape on Soundcloud, Wendy’s is available on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music. Capitalizing on the interest in female rappers like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, this viral stunt is a great example of how to make April Fool’s day fun for consumers, with We Beefin? going viral on Twitter.



Japanese company TDK is looking to make AI a little more natural with their BonsAI project. Merging two things Millennials love, technology and houseplants, the BonsAI is a Bonsai tree equipped with AI technology similar to Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. However, unlike these virtual assistants, BonsAI’s goal is to be a mindfulness and spiritual companion to change the relationship between humans and nature. Rather than order groceries or play Spotify playlists on command, Bonsai AI quotes Kierkegaard, asks users how they are feeling, and reminds them to love themselves. Wellness-minded consumers are looking to tech to help them on their quest for emotion, physical, and spiritual health, whether that’s an Apple Watch to track their fitness, an app like Headspace to help them meditate, or BonsAI.



Many Gen Zs describe themselves as “fluid,” meaning they don’t subscribe to traditional rigid notions of gender and sexuality. Fluide is a cruelty-free makeup line made with this in mind, creating products for all gender expressions, identities, and skin tones. Plus, they’re donating 5% of profits to LGBTQIA organizations! The colorful brand just launched their Uncuffed Collection, which features liquid lipsticks in bold shades like red, pink, and orange. Customers may also recognize the face of the collection: genderqueer influencer Jacob Tobia, who chose to collaborate with Fluide because of the brand’s decision to consult with non-binary, gender non-conforming, and trans communities about their glam needs. Between the success of beauty boys like James Charles and Rihanna’s Fenty inclusive shade range, the makeup industry is quickly adapting to today’s inclusive and fluid sensibilities.



Whether it’s because they’ve #DeletedFacebook, are sick of seeing friends’ overly-edited highlight reels on Instagram, or have fled Snapchat because of the “camera company’s” unfortunate update, there’s growing discontent with the current social media landscape. Petzbe is looking to get back to the best part of the internet—animals—with a social network exclusively for pets. With features that feel part Instagram and part Reddit, users create profiles for their pets and the app serves up prompts like, “How did you meet your human?” and “What’s the story of your name?” to encourage engagement. Users can search by both species (dog and cat) and breed as well as give each other “licks” (likes) to grow their number of “sniffers” (followers). Perfect for pet-obsessed Millennials, the app is an adorable reprieve from other human-centric apps.



Patagonia is unapologetically taking action and fighting for what they believe in, again. In their latest attempt to protect the environment against President Trump and Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke, the brand has launched a campaign with a bold claim: The President Stole Your Land and You Were Lied To. Referencing the December 2017 reduction of national lands Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by two million acres, Patagonia points out that the restructured territory is strategically redrawn to increase profits from coal, gas, and uranium reserves. The campaign also draws renewed attention to Patagonia’s lawsuit against the Trump administration and calls consumers to actively participate by joining the Patagonia Action Works, a tool that connects consumers with causes in their community.

Kristin Castillo