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Before she became a viral music video star, 19-year-old Clairo (Claire Cottrill) was simply doing what any Gen Z would do by uploading videos of herself to YouTube. However, the rapid rise of her 2017 music video, “Pretty Girl,” led to interest from major labels such as Columbia, RCA, and Capital. Now with a manager, publicist, and label under her belt, Clairo has released a six-song EP this week titled “diary 001,” which features relatable themes that touch on friendship, the internet, and even Flaming Hot Cheetos. Proving that instant fame can launch a lasting trajectory, Cairo’s homemade YouTube electronic pop is worth a listen and the captivating video that started it all is a must-watch.

Vollebak's Extreme Discount Card

Vollebak, a startup that creates high-tech gear for adventures, has just launched an epic modern-day treasure hunt and the only clue is a video. Tapping Oscar-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel from The White Helmets, the video shows world-record breaking adventurers Jason Fox and Aldo Kane hiding “The Extreme Discount Card,” a hand-carved, wooden sculpture that can be redeemed for free Vollebak clothing for life. With former CIA and SEAL Team 6 operatives already searching the globe (and hint: deep sea) for the discount card, Vollebak’s stunt is sure to have adrenaline junkies lusting over both the brand and the thrill of the hunt.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Monopoly cheaters, here’s your get out of jail free card! Inspired by in-house data that revealed 50% of all Monopoly players cheat, Hasbro has created a timely Monopoly Cheaters Edition. The special edition game encourages players to indulge themselves in the game’s top cheats, with sneaky acts like attempting a bank heist, illegally purchasing (aka stealing) a hotel, or skipping rent. If a player makes it to the next dice roll without getting caught, they receive $100 from every other player, but if they are caught red-handed, they are put in jail, which in this edition means being physically handcuffed to the board. Launching soon for only $20, this fun iteration of the classic game is sure to be a hit.




Am I There Yet?

Mari Andrew is a Millennial illustrator and writer who has taken Instagram by storm with her relatable doodles and observations. With over 841k followers, Andrews is now also a New York Timesbestseller with her new book, Am I There Yet? The Loo-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood. The fun guide perfectly captures what it means to be a twenty-something today, tackling topics such as relocating, self-esteem, and heartache through illustrations and essays. Heartwarming and accessible, the digestible guide specifically caters to Millennials craving bite-size content while affirming the nuanced struggles of their generation.

Jurassic World Alive

Forgive the pun, but Universal’s highly-anticipated Jurassic World Alive app launched this week, and it’s (dino)mite! Available on both iOS and Google Play, the freemium augmented reality game is set in a time when dinosaurs have fled Jurassic World and are roaming free in cities and neighborhoods. When a player joins the app, they become members of the Dinosaur Protection Group tasked with the mission to save dinosaurs from extinction. Similar to Pokémon Go, players utilize an AR camera mode to track species through location-based technology, collect rare breeds, create hybrid creatures, and battle against other players to defend themselves and their dinosaurs from threats. Just in time for June’s release of Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, expect to see movie-goers collecting dinosaurs on their way to the theater.


Gen Z’s flexibility and open-mindedness have led to huge shifts in what constitutes the modern markers of manhood. Capturing this macro trend as it evolves is photographer Rosie Matheson, who aims to highlight the complexities of being a male in the 21st century in her new series, Boys. Composed of unique and breathtaking portraits of all types of men, Matheson’s soft aesthetic showcases that modern masculinity is no longer measured by muscles or material worth but rather by thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Hoping to turn her photo series into a short film in the future, Matheson would like to put a spotlight on each of her subjects so viewers can follow their stories and see more authentic portrayals of men in media.

Kristin Castillo