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We Broke Up

YouTube power couple Liza Koshy and David Dobrik are no strangers to sharing intimate details about their relationship, even when it comes to their breakup. In their emotional 6-minute video (aptly titled “we broke up”) that has since gone viral, the pair not only announces their breakup, but provides a complete explanation with candid insights into the reasons behind the split. At one point, a teary-eyed Koshy examines her ruined makeup and jokes, “I want to go fix it, but then I also want it to be authentic,” perfectly capturing YouTubers’ struggle to be truly honest with their audience. Part of a larger trend of influencers showing even more of the “real” (read: negative) sides of their lives, it also doesn’t hurt that these types of videos mean massive viewing numbers. As of today, “we broke up” has amassed a whopping 33 million views—Dobrik’s most-watched video to date.

ESPN Remaindair Drop

The NBA Finals may be over, but ESPN is celebrating a marketing win of its own. During game two of the series, the brand got in on the airdrop trolling trend and took to the streets to send a message quite literally. Using the iPhone airdrop feature, which allows devices within 30 feet of one another to send files via Bluetooth, ESPN sent iPhone users branded mini-ads based on what they were doing. For instance, a message to a passerby snapping a photo of a fountain said, “Sure that fountain’s nice, but Finals Game 2 is live right now.” A small activation in the brand’s larger “You Seeing This” campaign, the stunt shows that ESPN is willing to go the extra mile to engage digital-first consumers who are increasingly less likely to tune into live TV.

Mystic Rebel Stoned Yoga

California’s legalization of marijuana and growing interest in the medicinal properties of CBD have made the once-stigmatized drug a major player in the LA wellness scene. Downtown Los Angeles yoga studio, The Mystic Rebel, is now offering a bespoke yoga experience: “Stoned Yoga: A Summer Series” on Thursday nights. Created by Ashlee Langas, co-owner and co-founder of Mystic Rebel, the class begins with a communal smoking session (participants may also drink THC-infused wine or eat edibles if that’s more their vibe) followed by a 60-minute yoga class focusing on breathing and stretching. Attendees are also invited to a “cannabis-infused after party” for total mind, body, and soul bliss. Giving a whole new meaning to tree pose, this class is a great way to treat yourself to TLC using THC.





In recent years, wellness warriors have become more conscious of their gut health and its important role in fighting harmful bacteria, promoting healthy digestion, and supporting the immune system. Thankfully, new subscription service Seed is making it even easier for consumers to jump on the bacteria bandwagon. Their team of scientists, doctors, environmentalists, and other specialists has created a daily “Synbiotic” (a mixture of prebiotics and probiotics) for the perfect balance of bacteria. Available through a $50 monthly subscription, Seed has an offering for men as well as one for women specially formulated for their body’s specific needs. Plus, the sustainably-minded company’s packaging is eco-friendly with mushroom-grown casing, recyclable glass containers, and shipping boxes made of FSC-certified paper. Not only is good for you, it’s good for the environment!


You no longer need to be a Kardashian to have your own dedicated app. App-building platform Thunkable is making app-building more accessible than ever with its new iOS capabilities. Similar to what SquareSpace does with website development, Thunkable’s drag & drop interface takes coding out of the equation, allowing almost anyone to easily build a custom app. Complete with features like Google Maps integration, Microsoft image recognition, and more, apps created with Thunkable can now be used on both Android and iOS. We see Thunkable being especially useful for small business owners and influencers by giving them the tools to mobile-optimize their brands without paying huge fees to coders and developers for an app. Something tells us the app store will never be the same.

Marriage Unblocked

In our most recent report, The Trendera Files: Consumer Habits & Spending, we discuss how the real potential of cryptocurrency is not Bitcoin but the Blockchain itself. Simply defined as a digital ledger of transactions, the Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize and decentralize all types of online transactions and contracts. Swedish Sportswear brand, Björn Borg, is using the Ethereum blockchain to decentralize marriage, inviting same sex-couples to get married on the Blockchain with their new platform, Marriage Unblocked. While same sex marriage is illegal in 87% of countries, Marriage Unblocked allows these couples to have a symbolic digital record of their union independently of their government. Through the platform, couples can send a “proposal,” exchange vows, and say “I do,” all of which will be stored forever. Talk about happily ever after!

Kristin Castillo