Instagram's Newest Reality Show





Th_Rlty_Shw, a new account on Instagram, is redefining reality TV one post at a time. Self-described as “MTV meets Oprah meets your favorite influencer,” Th_Rlty_Shw is the latest creative project by Tiffany Godoy, an American living in Paris that has turned her five-year-old publication into a series of eccentric visual essays or an “Instagramazine.” Besides mini-interviews with designers such as Martine Rose and Alyx’s Mathew Williams, Th_Rlty_Shw offers personalized opinions on beauty, travel, lifestyle, and culture content in moving imagery format. With a lofty mission to be the “It” streaming option for all of Instagram, Godoy’s Th_Rlty_Shw is worth a follow and watch.

Delta Pilot Talk Wall

Unlike some murals, Delta’s latest activation doesn’t require a minimum Instagram follower count to access it. In fact, anyone in New York with an Instagram account has a chance to win a trip to their dream destination with a simple post. A follow-up to their Tinder selfie wall mural campaign from last year, Delta’s new interactive mural is by artist Karan Singh and features the “pilots alphabet.” Utilizing Instagram’s carousel feature, entrants snap photos of each word in the pilot’s alphabet to spell out their dream destination. So, if they are looking to go to Paris they would take photos of the mural’s words “Papa, Alpha, Romeo, India, Sierra” and use the hashtag #PilotTalkSweepstakes. The contest is open through July 22nd but we’re already calling this one a “Whiskey-India-November!”


Women’s body hair has become a prickly subject in recent years, but trendy razor brand Billie aims to normalize and celebrate it. The first women’s razor company ever to showcase hair in advertising, Billie launched the #ProjectBodyHair campaign to make the “internet a little fuzzier.” Partnering with photographer Ashley Armitage, who is known for capturing shots that celebrate natural female body hair, Billie not only debuted the groundbreaking advertising in Times Square, but will also donate all photos from the project to free stock imagery site Unsplash. Redefining a once rigid beauty taboo, Billie’s #ProjectBodyHair is perfect for boundary-pushing Gen Zs who would like to both reimagine beauty standards and support brands that understand this choice is truly theirs to make. 




OUAI Pet Line

Jen Atkin, a celeb hairstylist who you may have seen hanging out with Chrissy Teigen, the Revolve influencer crew, or any of the many Kardashians, is looking to pamper a new audience: pets. Atkin’s haircare line Ouai recently announced a new pet shampoo available online that promises to "leave your pet looking shiny and less knotty" for just $28. Like the rest of the Ouai products, the pet shampoo features the signature scent of lemon and white musk and is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Atkin also announced that 15% of the proceeds from the pet shampoo are going to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. Sure to be a hit with petfluencers and the Millennials who love them, this is the paw-fect way to keep your pet looking insta-ready this summer.

Sanity & Self

Wellness warriors know that self-care is essential but can sometimes feel like just another task on a never-ending to-do list. New self-care app, Sanity & Self, understands this and hopes to make daily self-care easier than ever. Created by women for women, the app caters to busy schedules with guided wellness offerings in mindfulness, fitness, and personal growth that range anywhere from 2 to 45 minutes. Users are also connected to the platform’s community of wellness-minded women who can offer support on everything from career to parenting. Increasingly, women are reporting stress and anxiety and turning to self-care to refresh and recharge their minds, bodies, and souls making Sanity & Self the perfect addition their wellness routines. The app runs on a subscription model that costs $6.67 per month – a small price to pay for a little sanity if you ask us.


Airbnb is no stranger to taking a stance when the government’s political ideologies don’t align with its own core values. A few hours after the US Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban that affects predominantly Muslim nations, Airbnb released a timely response, a spot called “Let’s Keep Traveling Forward.” In it, the brand asks viewers to imagine a world without travel where everyone built walls and didn’t leave their respective countries. Citing a loss of immigration, exploration, and adventure if this were to occur, Airbnb concludes that there would be no United States of America. While the powerful spot will garner respect from politically conscious Gen Zs, it also makes clear Airbnb’s commitment to keeping the USA traveling forward.

Kristin Castillo