The Viral Memes Taking over Twitter




Blue Hands

Animation artist Diyala Muir has collaborated with Dazed and filmmaking institute STOP PLAY RECORD, to release short film Blue Hands. An exploration of the effects of loneliness, isolation, and mental health in youth, the abstract film touches on topics that are all too often felt by social media users today. The film opens with a young woman waking up in a messy room and scrolling through her Instagram feed where every post is labeled as “doing better than me.” After, the viewer is left in her head to experience the same turmoil her inner self feels as she journeys on a bus. Using only minor dashes of color, the film showcases that social media can make people feel blue whether that be from online induced isolation or comparing what others are doing, and is a great start in invoking necessary conversations with Gen Zs and Millennials who might be struggling with their relationship to social media as well as their own self-image.


H&M’s newest Millennial brand, /Nyden, has quickly set itself apart through its creative collaborations. After partnering up with creatives such as singer Dua Lipa and tattoo artist Doctor Woo, /Nyden took its innovative strategy one step further in its newest campaign, tapping into the brand’s trend-forward consumers to crowdsource the creation of two limited-edition dresses. Instagram followers of Refinery29 senior editor Alyssa Coscarelli, lifestyle blogger Javvy, and influencer Amanda Orelli were able to contribute to the design process by providing their garment preferences through polls on Instagram stories. From zipper or button to fringe or sequin, the poll results will directly inform the pieces that will be available on the /Nyden website soon. A significant statement on democratizing its design process, /Nyden’s focus on collaborations harnesses the power of influencers, keeps consumers engaged, and practically guarantees cool cred.

Your Fave Accounts

Move over #InMyFeelingsChallenge, there’s a new viral social media meme taking over, this time exclusively on Twitter. The platform has seen the sudden popularization of “Your Fave” meme accounts, which simply tweet out celebrities or fictional characters that embody specific traits on a uniformed stylized background. From “Your fave has BDE” featuring Tanya from Mamma Mia, Lorde, and Harry Styles to “Your fave will defeat Thanos” which features Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, Meryl Streep, and, of course, Millie Bobbie Brown, these highly specific accounts are cropping up almost hourly. Garnering thousands of followers, likes, and retweets, these accounts take meme-making to the next level. Brands looking to be a part of the viral trend should act fast as it’s only a matter of time before the next big meme hits!




My Beautiful Despair

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, popular Twitter account @KimKierkegaard has amassed an impressive 251k following combining the words of Søren Kierkegaard, an existentialist Danish philosopher, with those of Kim Kardashian. Now, the brain behind the account that brought followers gems such as “I scarcely recognize myself. My mind is like a turbulent sea. I was testing a new mascara!” and “My new fragrance never fades, like the ever-present thought of death” (we’ll let you guess who originally said what) has released a book. My Beautiful Despair: The Philosophy of Kim Kierkegaardashian is chock-full of more Kardashian-Kierkegaard mashups and even includes sketches. Perfect for fans of both the Kardashians and philosophy, the book is #1 in Amazon’s “Existential Philosophy” section. Next time on Keeping Up with Kardashians… Socrates rolls over in his grave.

Necessary Explosion

Weiden + Kennedy Amsterdam partnered with local musician Necessary Explosion to launch their new AR platform, LAVA. The technology merges tech, music, and art with 3D animations that correspond to music, creating what is best described as a modern-day lava lamp (hence the name). After downloading the LAVA-powered Necessary Explosion app and purchasing the artist’s debut album, SOS, on vinyl, users simply open the app and point their phones at their turntables. As the album plays, the record comes alive with colorful animations corresponding to the vibe of each of the 11 tracks. Not only can users walk around the animations for a full 3D experience, they can even go inside them, revealing layers hidden within the art. W+K says this is only the beginning for LAVA and we can’t wait to see the next step for this beautifully immersive technology.


The country of love is making a bold move to keep romance alive on its streets. A new policy in France forbids men from insulting, intimidating, threatening, and following women in public spaces and instates a hefty fine of 750 euros that can be received on the spot. Inspired by French woman Marie Laguerre, who had an ashtray thrown at her and was punched when she told a man who was catcalling her to “shut up,” the new policy was implemented a mere few days after the incident went viral. France’s gender equality minister, Marlène Schiappa, was responsible for enacting the law and felt compelled to act swiftly after the French equivalent to #MeToo, #BalanceTonPorc (translation: “rat on your pig”), began to trend. Drawing a line in the sand between flirtatious banter and unwanted heckling, we give France props for clarifying that consent is an important part of their romantic culture.

Kristin Castillo