Gen Z’s First Film Festival




Three Busy Debras

Three Busy Debras is an offbeat improv trio chronicling the absurd lives of three stepford-esque Connecticut housewives who are all named Debra. The group, played by actresses Sandy HonigMitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha, recently teamed up with The Cut on “A Fashion Improvisation With Three Busy Debras,” a short inspired by their popular YouTube video, “Brunch.” Mixing comedy with fashion, the video features the Debras gathering for brunch while stylishly dressed in the latest styles from brands such as Kate Spade, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and many more. Long-term fans will recognize the trio’s signature comedic style of taking common stereotypes to the extreme, while those who are unfamiliar can get to know and love the Debras before their Amy Poehler-produced pilot for Adult Swim turns them into nationally-recognized names.

Bud Light x Cleveland Browns

Football season is almost upon us and America’s beer brands are preparing in kind. To kick things off, Bud Light is rewarding the undying loyalty of Cleveland Browns fans, whose team has lost 31 of the past 32 games. The brand is placing a collection of “Victory Fridges” in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy stadium and local bars around the city. Stocked with Bud Light and locked with large chains and padlocks, the fridges will automatically unlock if and when the Brown’s get their first regular season win of the 2018-2019 season. The move follows a similar successful stunt from last year, where they promised free beer in Philadelphia if the underdog Eagles won the Super Bowl (which they did). Dilly dilly and best of luck Cleveland! 

Giphy Film Fest

With the popularity of short online content (hello Vine!) that Gen Zs can’t seem to get enough of, it only makes sense that the first-ever GIPHY Film Fest has been announced. Hosted by GIPHY and powered by Squarespace, the fest is asking for audiovisual storytellers to create compelling and entertaining masterpieces in categories such as narrative, stop-motion, animated, experiential, and wildcard, all with one major restriction: the films must be 18 seconds or less. Held on November 8th in New York City, the festival will screen the best of the micro-films and a panel of judges, including Spotify’s Global Creative Director Alex Bodman, will ultimately select one winner. Those interested in receiving the grand prize of $10,000, a five-year Squarespace subscription, the opportunity to curate an official podcast on Spotify, and make internet culture history can apply here before September 27th.




Vive Sana

Last month Hawaii became the first U.S. state to ban the sale of sunscreens with harmful ingredients that have accelerated climate change and negatively impacted coral reefs and sea creatures. Thankfully, the trendiest new sunscreen on the block, Vive Sana, is not only one of the safest and best for the environment, but also one of the coolest with its sleek, ombre packaging. Unlike traditional sunscreen chemicals, which form a physical barrier top of skin and wash off in the water, Vive Sana uses a special form of zinc that fully absorbs into the skin. There’s no need to fret about possible breakouts, either: Vive Sana’s formula is Vogue and Goop-approved, using buzzy, plant-based ingredients such as licorice root, rosemary, and apricot kernel. Retailing at $55, we think this sunscreen is worth the splurge for both our skin and the sea.


We’ve all read the headlines declaring that smartphone use negatively impacts our mental health, but new app #SelfCare promises to do just the opposite. Created by former Assassin’s Creeddeveloper Brie Code and writer Eve Thomas, the free app is designed to assist users dealing with anxiety and depression. Unlike other wellness apps that (ironically) bombard users with anxiety-inducing notifications to check in, #SelfCare greets users with encouragement when they open the app. From there, users enter a calming universe (a room) that boasts no winning, no failure, no score, and no ads. In the room, users can choose to stay in bed all day, practice breathing techniques, engage in a series of gamified tasks such as piecing words together, and ignore their phones. As tech-fueled anxiety continues to rise, #SelfCare might be the perfect solution for Millennials unwilling to give up their phones but in search of some peace and comfort.

CTRL Fishing Co

Recording artist and overall cool girl SZA has been giving fans a sneak peek into her latest project: creating merch for the earth. The star shared a few items from an upcoming brand rumored to be called “Ctrl Fishing Co” such as sweatshirts that read “Sustainability Gang” and tank tops and tees reading “Puck Flastic.” Though little has been released officially about the line, SZA took to the comments section to assure her followers that 100% of the proceeds will go to sustainability efforts. Combining two things near and dear to Gen Zs—streetwear and sustainability—it’s no wonder people are eagerly waiting for the line to drop.

Kristin Castillo