Fortnite Already Wins Halloween




Hollywood Love Story

The 2000s are making a big comeback with the launch of Paris Hilton’s new reality show, Hollywood Love Story. The Viceland series follows the dramatic journey of various aspiring performers, models, and singers on their quest to make it big in Hollywood, or as Hilton calls it, “The New American Dream.” The reality star veteran, who has leveraged her following to launch a successful DJ career and perfume line, acts as a guide to the socialites by providing insights pertaining to everything from the entertainment industry to social media addiction. Far from her comical and light Simple Life persona, the show’s grim portrayal of fame’s harsh realities makes it a cautionary tale of sorts. An honest depiction of what it means to be an influencer today mixed with Hilton’s all-knowing advice, Hollywood Love Story is a must watch.

Vans x Van Gogh Museum

VANS has teamed up with the Van Gogh Museum to launch streetwear with a 20th-century twist. After considering over 2,100 Van Gogh works, VANS selected four pieces— Skull, Almond Blossom, Sunflowers, and one of Van Gogh’s self-portraits—to adorn the special collection, which includes slip-ons, long-sleeves, hoodies, and hats. In addition to sporting an iconic print, each piece is manufactured in a way that mimics Van Gogh’s traditional brushstrokes and includes a hangtag with facts about the legendary artist. Sure to draw in streetwear-loving Gen Zs, the line launches tomorrow and is available for purchase on the VANS website and in the Van Gogh Museum gift shop.

Fortnite Halloween Costumes

Fortnite, the video game phenomenon that has taken over the world and has everyone and their moms doing “the floss,” has set its sights on Halloween. The game has partnered with Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s Gifts to bring some of the game’s most popular “skins” (avatars) and accessories to life. From Power Chord, the pink-haired rocker chick, to Crackshot, the legendary nutcracker, there are a total of eight costumes in both children’s and adult sizes. Fans can also pick up weapons from the game such as the boogie bomb and of course, the basic pickax, a Fortnite classic. With 125 million players, it’s never too early to snag one before they sell out!




Marie Kondo Hikidashi Box Set

Decluttering guru Marie Kondo has already convinced us of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and now she’s releasing a new line to make achieving said magic a little easier. The recently-debuted Hikidashi Box set helps one organize according to the KonMari Method, which stresses discarding anything that doesn’t bring joy and beautifully storing what’s left. According to Kondo, in Japanese homes its customary to organize drawers utilizing sturdy cardboard boxes as inserts. However, while working with American clients, Kondo was unable to find a suitable equivalent, so she decided to design her own line. Retailing for $89, the sets consists of three boxes of varying sizes and are available for pre-order in four minimalist designs: Clarity, Harmony, Wonder, and Balance. Whether you’re organizing joy-sparking keepsakes or you simply need to tame your underwear drawer, the Hikidashi Box set promises a stylish yet minimalist flair.


A mix of American, and HQ, new app FameGame attempts to merge reality TV and mobile. The app presents a series of challenges each week, with topics ranging from dance to lip syncing. Next, users respond by submitting self-made videos of their talent. After submissions have been closed, they can view other videos that have been entered and vote for their favorites to be featured in a live show that airs every day at 5:00 PM PT. Although the app gives away cash prizes like HQ, the app’s main value proposition is fame—winners receive a live shout out from a influencer during the live stream and a mention of their social handle so that other users can continue to keep up with their talents. A modern-day talent competition in mobile vertical format, FameGame is the perfect platform for content-hungry Gen Zs who are also looking to grow their followings.

Guys We Fest

Comedians Corrine Fischer and Krystyna Hutchinson, also known as the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night, are best known for their hit podcast, Guys We F**ked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast, where they invite guests to have honest and open conversations about sex, dating, relationships, and much more. Vocal advocates for both women’s rights and the LGBT+ community, the duo is using their platform to make a difference with Guys We Fest, a daylong event in NYC that promises to be a “flea market for philanthropy.” In addition to gathering local charitable organizations for attendees to learn more, donate, and get involved by signing up for volunteer shifts, Guys We Fest will feature pop-ups from female owned businesses, on-site mental healthcare, STI testing, and an evening comedy show. Combining philanthropy and fun, we applaud Fischer and Hutchinson for encouraging their fans to “get off their phones and social media, pull out their earbuds, and put immediate good into the world through actions rather than retweets.”

Kristin Castillo