The Naked Funeral




Justice TV

It’s been a decade since popular French dance musical duo Justice released their first album, . To celebrate the milestone anniversary, the group has launched an interactive digital library spanning their entire career. Created by Parisian agency Digzik, the mobile-optimized archival website titled Justice TV is jam-packed with exclusive content fans can peruse by simply side to side or up and down with their trackpad or fingers. Featuring music videos, live shows filmed at festivals in Texas and Timbuktu, interviews, fan-made content, and orchestral renditions of their most well-known hits, the site is hiding a few Easter eggs that only the hardcore fans will be able to spot. Just in time for the release of their new album Woman Worldwide, the Justice TV is the perfect refresher for nostalgic fans who want to “D.A.N.C.E.” to the classics before purchasing their latest tunes.

The Naked Funeral

To commemorate the retirement of their iconic original Naked Palette, which, since its 2010 launch has been purchased over 30 million times and brought in over $1 billion in revenue, Urban Decay planned a pretty clever send-off. The beauty brand threw an ultra-glam funeral for the palette in Newport Beach, California with notable names in attendance such as socialite turned fashion designer Nicole Richie, who gave the eulogy, and internet makeup gurus like Shayla MitchellKandee JohnsonChrisspy, and more. Not only is the star-studded goodbye available to watch on the brand’s YouTube channel, Urban Decay treated fans to a discount on the last run of the (now sold out) palette. While discontinuing products is common in the beauty industry, Urban Decay set a new standard with their stylized announcement fit for the social media age.

Fortnite Theme Park

Fornite has already taken over the virtual gaming world and now the battle royal game is going global IRL with their takeover at Germany’s Gamescom. Blowing away competing booths, developer Epic Games built a small-scale Fortnite inspired theme park where fans could interact with the set by gliding down a slide, shooting baskets, riding a mechanical rocket, ziplining from one side to the other, engaging in pickaxe duels, and even competing in an obstacle course to win highly coveted exclusive in-game sprays. Those who didn’t win free swag during the challenges could still purchase t-shirts, pins, and even tasty treats from the on-site Fornite ice cream truck. Drawing in huge crowds as the must-see activation of the festival, the booth’s success has us hoping for a large-scale Fornitetheme park.





Literally translating to “health” in Japanese, Kencko is a new tech startup that is revolutionizing the juice-craze. Upon signing up for Kencko’s subscription, customers receive a BPA-free reusable water bottle and their choice of six different fruit and veggie combinations in powdered sachets delivered monthly. Similar to astronaut food, Kencko’s 100% organic, all-natural, and sugar-free juices utilize a freeze-drying technique that maintains minerals, proteins, vitamins, and other general goodness in fruits and greens and can be made instantly by simply adding water. With prices ranging from $27-$124 monthly, Kencko is perfect for wellness conscious and subscription box obsessed Millennials by making it easy and affordable to eat their daily five servings of fruits and vegetables.

NASA Space Exploration App

First it was streetwear (as seen on Pete Davidson at the VMAs), now NASA is exploring two new frontiers, selfies and VR. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the Spitzer Space Telescope launch, which allows NASA to study the universe using infrared technology, the agency has launched two new apps. The first, NASA Selfies, allows users to create out of this world self-portraits using some of NASA’s most awe-inspiring images of outer space from the Milky Way to Orion’s Nebula 1,350 light years away. The second, NASA Exoplanet Excursions VR, is an experience available on both Oculus, Vive, and YouTube 360˚ that offers a virtual glimpse at the TRAPPIST-1 solar system. Discovered with the help of Spitzer and only 39 light years away, TRAPPIST-1 is home to seven planets comparable in size to the Earth. One small step for NASA, one giant leap into space for mobile users everywhere.

ASOS Kujuwa Initiative

Fast fashion company ASOS is taking responsibility for their environmental and social impact by launching sustainability-minded programs through The ASOS Foundation. For their latest project, the foundation has partnered with SOKO Community Trust on The Kujuwa Initiative. This initiative aims to combat period poverty in the Kasigua region of Kenya by educating young girls and women as well as providing them with kits containing, among other necessitates, reusable sanitary pads made from materials leftover during their manufacturing process. ASOS and SOKO hope that access to this information and these resources will allow women and girls, who would normally be forced to miss school or work during menstruation, to avoid disrupting their education and source of income.

Kristin Castillo